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VIDEO: Corrupt Massachusetts Senate passes budget amendments through phony “voice votes”

Video taken same day the $850,000 homosexual funding for schools got "voted" into the 2009 budget!

May 22, 2008

You have to actually see the corrupt nature of the Massachusetts Senate to appreciate it. The full Senate just sitting back while a few power brokers “officially” pass laws to decide how your money gets spent.

In this video: Senate president pro tempore Sen. Stanley Rosenberg (D-Northampton) runs the meeting while Senate President Therese Murray orchestrates things from behind the scenes. Note the Senate chamber chatting away as phony roll call votes go on. At end of 3-minute video is a startling quip about "good" vs "bad" roll-call votes.  Date: May 22, 2008.)

As we’ve reported, the Senate completely caved in to the homosexual lobby on Thursday, May 22. They approved budget amendments to increase the public funding for homosexual programs targeting schoolchildren by $300,000 – up to a whopping $850,000!

See complete MassResistance report on what happened that day:

Mass. Senate unanimously approves huge funding increases for homosexual programs in schools.


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