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"Pro-family" Massachusetts legislators parrot back gay propaganda when cornered on their support for $850,000 of state funding for gay programs in schools.

Mass. Senator Richard Moore sends outrageous email to constituent

June 5, 2008

The Massachusetts legislature is finally taking a breather from its budget process -- including giving nearly a million dollars of taxpayer funding to homosexual activists for their "programs" in our public schools. But parents and citizens have continued to confront them about their shocking sellout to the homosexual lobby and their willingness to completely ignore the horrors they're paying for.

Although many of them freely acknowledge that they've been getting a lot of complaints, to our knowledge not a single legislator has agreed to meet with a constituent and discuss it. One or two have returned phone calls. Several have written back emails. But mostly they let their staffs run interference on this and hid behind them.

When confronted by constituents with the outrageous and obscene horrors that this money pays for, they simply brush it off.  They defend their votes by parroting back the party line and the lies from the homosexual lobby, no matter how absurd it sounds. All of the legislators have received the hard evidence from us. But they callously choose to ignore it - as if ignorng it will make it go away.

Senator Richard T. Moore (D-Uxbridge) is a perfect example of what we've been seeing. A reliable pro-family vote for many years, he appears to have become jaded and increasingly disconnected from his roots, and willing to take the easy way out rather than challenge powerful special interests. Last year Moore got into bed with the Merck drug company and pushed the horrific bill to mandate that all 6th grade girls in Massachusetts be given Merck's vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease HPV. Luckily, MassResistance organized enough grassroots opposition to get that one killed. Now, he's siding with the homosexual lobby against parents.

Below is an email Moore sent to a constituent who complained about his support for the funding for homosexual programs in the schools. Note that:

  1. Moore tries to split hairs by saying he "didn't support" the money but didn't oppose it because he believes it is needed. Huh?

  2. He repeats the gay lobby's big lie that this is for "violence prevention", ignoring the actual content of these "programs." We've challenged legislators to find a single legitimate violence prevention or suicide prevention aspect of any of this.

  3. He insults parents by saying that if parents don't present homosexuality in a positive way at home, then "it must be taught or reinforced in other settings" - i.e., the schools. In other words, he believes that the state knows better than parents.

Here's the email he sent back to a constituent:

From: Moore, Richard (SEN) [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Greene, Timothy (SEN)

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx:

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by supporting "the increase in funding for the homosexual lobby." I certainly did not support any amendment to any lobby group. I did not oppose an amendment by Senator Wilkerson of Boston for an increase in the Department of Education's Administrative Account to earmark and additional $100,000 about the Ways and Means Committee recommendation of $200,000 to fund a Gay and Lesbian Violence Prevention Education Program. I don't agree with the Gay/Lesbian lifestyle, however, I believe that violence against students who profess to be, or appear to be Gay/Lesbian is wrong and that students should be taught to be tolerant of all people race, creed, gender, age, sexual preference or whatever. Children usually learn prejudice from adults, sometimes even from parents. We don't have to agree with others or condone their behavior however children need to be taught tolerance of differences. Tolerance of difference is, in my opinion, a family value that should be sustained and, especially when that lesson is not learned in the home, it must be taught or reinforced in other settings. If that is the amendment to which you refer, I am sorry if you disagree with my position, however I do not share the view of some others that we should ignore attitudes that engender violence in our schools or among our youth.

Senator Richard T. Moore

You can call Sen. Moore at (617) 722-1420, and visit his website. Maybe he needs to hear from more "real" people and fewer special-interest insiders. When adult a female transgender activist speaks at a high school "gay day" assembly to tell kids how she has had her breasts cut off to "become" a man (this actually took place), how does that become violence prevention? We suspect that Sen. Moore won't talk about that.

What's really happening?

This odious and offensive attitude is unfortunately becoming the rule, rather than the exception, even among "pro-family" legislators. They spend all kinds of time schmoozing with homosexual lobbyists, but treat parents worried about their kids with contempt.

That's because it's easy that way. Then the liberals like them. The State House media likes them. The leadership likes them. And the gay lobby's propaganda feels so compassionate if you don't actually think about it.

Many of us like to talk about "natural law." Well, there are some natural laws at work here that are as old as time:

Rule Number One: Unless politicians are more afraid of their constituents than they are of the special interests, bad things will continue. Thomas Jefferson knew that and said over and over again.

Rule Number Two: If the people lose control of their government, then nothing else will save them. If you think you can just walk away then you're a fool. Historically, at that point things always gets worse than anyone ever imagined. You've got to stand and fight back.

Rule Number Three: If you somehow manage to elect "good" people to serve in a corrupt cesspool, they will tend to become like the others, rather than vice versa. How many times have we seen that?

No one said it would be easy. Make a phone call!