Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Homosexual lobby pushing hard to elect "lesbian legislators" to State House on Nov. 4.

Raising $10,000 (and more) for two key races.

October 31, 2008

While everyone's watching the presidential race, under the radar the homosexual lobby in Massachusetts is pushing hard to change your Legislature -- so they can continue to change our laws. They are clearly spending more money than the Republicans, and probably more than the Democrats.

Their two biggest targets are: (1) to defeat Sen. Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) with lesbian activist Sara Orozco, and (2) to elect lesbian activist Kate Hogan in the Third Middlesex open state rep seat. Hogan is facing a Repubican, Sonny Parente, who says he's pro "gay marriage". But Hogan can't be allowed to be making our laws!  See our guide to all the state races in the Nov. 4 General Election.

Here's what families and citizens in Massachusetts are up against: The following email was sent by the homosexual group MassEquality to its supporters and donors on Wednesday:

Let's eLect Lesbian Legislators

Wednesday, October 29


There are six days left before the elections and we have an opportunity to create something ground-breaking together. With your help, we can elect two new lesbian legislators to the Massachusetts State House: Sara Orozco and Kate Hogan.

In the State House, there are currently only four "OUT" lawmakers. We have the opportunity to add to that number and elect these two outstanding individuals:

Please give to the MassEquality Political Action Committee -- and help support pro-equality and OUT legislators in the State House.

Sara Orozco is running to defeat incumbent Senator Scott Brown. Rep. Brown has one of the most extreme anti-equality voting records in the State House. He repeatedly voted against marriage equality, opposes LGBT rights, and has even publicly criticized gay and lesbian families as "not normal."

Kate Hogan, an out lesbian, is a strong supporter of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, and the full equality agenda. She is a tireless fighter and advocate. She'll be a courageous voice for all of us.

How will your contribution help? MassEquality has one of the largest advocacy operations in the state. We are spending over six-figures this year to support pro-equality candidates like Sara and Kate by:

· Polling voters to see how our candidates are doing and how to position them in direct mail
· Recruiting and deploying volunteers
· Staffing phone banks
· Mobilizing "Get Out the Vote" operations
· Sending out tens of thousands of pieces of direct mail

We are trying to raise $10,000 in the next six days. We can only do it with your help.


Marc Solomon
Executive Director

This is why ALL GOOD PEOPLE need to get involved!