Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Massachusetts had important role in marriage ballot questions across America. Homosexual activists threaten violence in California over results.

November 7, 2008

In the national elections across America a lot of conservative candidates lostin the Obama tidal wave. And in addition, a wave of social-conservative ballot questions around the country ended up disastrous:

   California: Require parental notification for a minor to get an abortion - Lost.
   Colorado: Defines human life as beginning at fertilization - Lost.
   Maryland: Allow video gambling - Passed.
   Massachusetts: Decriminalize 1 oz or less of marijuana - Passed.
   Michigan: Allow medical use of marijuana - Passed.
   Michigan: Permit stem cell research - Passed.
   South Dakota: Ban abortions - Lost.
   Washington: Allow assisted suicide - Passed.

Except for one issue: Homosexual "marriage."

In California, Florida, and Arizona every anti-"gay marriage" initiative passed soundly. And in Arkansas an anti-"gay adoption" initiative passed. Despite the millions of dollars the homosexual lobby spent to defeat them, and all the major newspapers that editorialized against them, it didn't matter.

More than anything else, this really makes a loud statement. Even though California and Florida voted for Obama, the regular people are still repulsed by the idea of homosexual "marriage."

It's judges (and occasional wayward Legislatures) that force the force the homosexual agenda on citizens. But it never wins a vote of the people.

Massachusetts let the country know the truth

In California, a powerful video about Massachusetts parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin, whose second-grade son was read the homosexual romance book "King and King", was seen across the state and outraged many thousands of people who hadn't realized where "gay marriage" leads in the schools.

We also know that the MassResistance article "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts," was used extensively in California and Florida (and somewhat in Arizona), emailed, re-posted on websites, and sent as op-eds to newspapers. We were also interviewed on radio shows in Florida and California about that article.

Homosexual activists threaten violence in California over results.

Why are we not surprised? The rage and vitriol of the homosexual movement has never been far from the surface. Almost immediately after the vote in California, homosexual activists began threatening to burn down churches and other acts of violence.

'Gay' threats target Christians over
same-sex 'marriage' ban (WorldNetDaily)

This could be a taste of things to come unless people stand up.