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Results of Sept. 16 primary races in Massachusetts

Plus pre-election analysis and commentary.

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These are only the contested primary races. (Note that there's only ONE contested Republican primary this year among over races.) However, if you're an Independent / Unenrolled voter you can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

In this list: 
     Commentary in blue is pre-election
     *** means that the primary determined the general election winner
     Incumbents are listed in bold italics.
     [meq] = endorsed by MassEquality  [pp] = endorsed by Planned Parenthood

=== SENATE ===
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Second Bristol & Plymouth -- New Bedford ***

83% - Mark C. Montigny (D) [meq]

17% - Raimundo Delgado (D)

Montigny is beholden to the gay lobby. Delgado is 100% better. Give him your vote.

Fourth Middlesex -- Arlington, Woburn ***

[Incumbent Jim Marzilli (D) is not running]

54% - Kenneth J. Donnelly (D)

40% - John W. Hurd (D)

Donnelly is endorsed by the Boston Globe for his "progressive positions" on social issues, and two homosexual groups. That leaves us Hurd, a current Arlington selectman, who's also a moonbat, but probably slightly less objectionable.

Second Suffolk -- Boston - Mattapan

51% - Sonia Rosa Chang-Diaz (D)

49% - Dianne Wilkerson (D) [meq]

Wilkerson is carries the water in the Senate for the homosexual movement. She was recently honored by MassEquality and the pro-gay Senate President for ignoring the the black pastors in her district. She needs to be booted. Chang-Diaz proudly marches in the Gay Pride parade. This is definitely the lesser of two evils, but Wilkerson NEEDS to be booted. The winner faces William Theodore Leonard of the Socialist Workers Party.

Second Worcester -- Worcester

[Incumbent Edward M. Augustus Jr. (D) is not running]

53% - Michael O. Moore (D)

47% - Douglas A. Belanger (D) [pp]

We're just glad that Augustus is leaving, a truly arrogant person. Moore is probably the better choice here. The winner faces John Lebeaux (R) and Steven Baer (U). Interestingly, all of them except Baer are current or former selectmen in their towns, so they know the political ropes. We like Lebeau the best of all of them.

Worcester & Middlesex -- Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster ***

[Incumbent Robert A. Antonioni (D) is not running]

60% - Jennifer L. Flanagan (D) [meq] [pp]

40% - Brian Knuuttila (D)

This is an easy choice. The homosexual newspaper Bay Windows complains that former State Rep Knuuttila is an "old-school social conservative". That's good enough for us! Flanagan, a current state rep trying to move up to the Senate, is a nightmare. Of course, we're overjoyed that Antonioni -- an anti-parent maniac -- is finally getting out.

=== HOUSE ===
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Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket -- Falmouth

[Incumbent Eric Turkington (D) is not running]

33% - Daniel James Larkosh (D)

25% - Timothy W. Lasker (D)

16% - Roger W. Wey (D)

14% - David R. Moriarty (D)

12% - Catherine E. Obrien Bumpus (D)

We don't know much about any of them, except that Wey is a selectman and county commissioner, so he's at least an experienced hack. The winner here faces 3 independents.

Second Bristol -- Attleboro

[Incumbent John A. Lepper (R) is not running]

50% - Bill Bowles (D) [won by 3 votes!!]

50% - Kate M. Jackson (D)

The winner faces George Ross (R). Just wait and vote for him.

Sixth Bristol -- Fall River ***

67% - David B. Sullivan (D) [meq]

33% - Linda M. Pereira (D)

Sulllivan is a hideous shill for the homosexual lobby. Vote for Pereira, a current Fall River city councilor, who is pretty good on the issues. Let's hope she boots him out!

Seventh Bristol -- Fall River

76% - Kevin Aguiar (D)

24% - John J. Rodrigues (D)

Aguiar took the seat when Robert Correia became mayor of Fall River earlier this year, and is a pretty squishy liberal, tho he opposes casinos. Rodrigues has run against him at least twice before, Nevertheless, we'd save our vote for CJ Ferry (R) in November.

Fifth Essex -- Gloucester ***

47% - Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D)

40% - Anthony J. Verga (D)

13% - Astrid H. Afklinteberg (D)

Verga isn't perfect, but he's much better than these others on our issues.

Fifteenth Essex -- Methuen

56% - Linda Dean Campbell (D)

44% - Christopher DiBella (D)

Campbell is much better than DiBella, and is not a raving moonbat, so we'd keep her in. The winner faces Joseph A. Leone (U).

Sixteenth Essex -- Lawrence ***

54% - William Lantigua (D)

46% - Marcos A. Devers (D)

Lantigua is hopeless. Maybe Devers, a former Lawrence city councillor at-large, would be better. It's worth a try.

Second Hampden -- Longmeadow, Springfield

57% - Brian Michael Ashe (D)

43% - Kateri B. Walsh (D)

Another hopeless primary. Just wait for November and vote for William G. Scibelli (R).

Eleventh Hampden -- Springfield ***

55% - Benjamin Swan (D) [meq]

23% - Chelan D. Brown (D)

22% - Lorenzo D. Gaines (D)

Swan is one of those proud pro-gay leftists we all can't stand.  Lorenzo Gaines is actually reasonably normal and would be a breath of fresh air. He deserves a vote.

Second Middlesex -- Westford

[Incumbent Geoffrey D. Hall (D) is not running]

66% - James Arciero (D)

34% - Patricia Wojtas (D)

90% - Paul J. Avella (R)

10% - William K. Bunker (R)

In the only Republican primary this year Avella (a School Committee member) may be slightly better because he's against casinos, though Bunker is slightly better on parents rights. We'd forget about the Democrat primary on this one -- both candidates are bad.

Third Middlesex -- Stow

[Incumbent Patricia A. Walrath (D) is not running]

50% - Kate Hogan (D)

40% - Ellen S. Sturgis (D)

10% - Leonard H. Golder (D)

Another bunch of Democrat weirdos here. Just wait and vote for Sonny Parente (R) in November.

Fourth Middlesex -- Marlborough

[Incumbent Stephen P. LeDuc (D) is not running]

72% - Danielle W. Gregoire (D)

28% - Matthew A. Giancola (D)

Forget about this one, too, and vote for Arthur G. Vigeant (R) in November.

Sixth Middlesex -- Framingham ***

38% - Pam Richardson (D) [meq] [pp]

35% - Chris Walsh (D)

27% - Dawn F. Harkness (D)

Richardson definitely needs to go. Harkness, who is openly "gay", is endorsed by the Boston Globe and a homosexual newspaper. That leaves Chris Walsh. We'll have to take our chances on him.

Eighth Middlesex -- Holliston

[Incumbent Paul J. Loscocco (R) is not running]

71% - Carolyn C. Dykema (D)

29% - Edward J. Mills (D)

The Republicans need to keep this district. Both of the primary candidates are pretty bad. Just vote for Dan Haley (R) in November.

Twenty-Second Middlesex -- Billerica

61% - William G. Greene, Jr. (D)

39% - James F. O'Donnell, Jr (D) [meq]

Greene is worth keeping in office. He's pretty decent on our issues and fairly bold about it. O'Donnell would be terrible. In any case, the winner faces Anthony Lucacio (R).

Twenty-Eighth Middlesex -- Everett, Malden ***

55% - Stephen Stat Smith (D) [meq]

45% - Wayne A. Matewsky (D)

Our opinion is: Vote for anyone but Smith. He's become a shill for the liberals, and doesn't represent that area well at all.

Twenty-Ninth Middlesex -- Watertown, Cambridge ***

[Incumbent Rachel Kaprelian (D) left to run RMV]

55% - Jonathan Hecht (D)

39% - Julia Fahey (D)

  6% - Stephen Corbett (D)

  0% - Joshua Weisbuch (D)

What a situation!  Rachel Kaprelian left after the filing deadline to run the Registry of Motor Vehicles, so all four Democrats are actually WRITE-IN candides! Julia Fahey is endorsed by the Mass.Teachers Association and other radical unions, plus a homosexual group. Hecht is endorsed by Jarrett Barrios. Weisbuch worked in the Clinton White House. Corbett seems by far the most normal so we'd take a chance on him.

Thirtieth Middlesex -- Woburn ***

60% - James J. Dwyer (D) [pp]

40% - Patrick Natale (D) [meq]

What a terrible choice! Might as well boot out the incumbent.

Thirty-First Middlesex -- Winchester

[Incumbent Paul C. Casey (D) is not running]

66% - Jason M. Lewis (D) [pp]

34% - Michael J. Rotondi (D)

Paul Casey was a decent guy who just had enough. We'd pass on this primary and just vote for Brian P. O'Connor (R), a current Winchester selectman, in November

Thirty-Fourth Middlesex -- Somerville, Medford ***

??% - Carl Sciortino, Jr. (D)

??% - Robert Trane (D)

[Vote count not available, but according to reports Trane has condeded.]

Sciortino, the aggressive homosexual activist in the Legislature, screwed up and didn't get his signatures in, so he's not on the ballot! Thus, he's running as a WRITE-IN candidate against Trane, a current Somerville selectman. The homosexual lobby is pouring tons of money into this to keep Sciortino in, even though Trane caved in to the gay movement long ago. Nevertheless, Sciortino, who sponsored the infamous Transexual Rights Bill, badly needs to be booted out from Beacon Hill. So do whatever you can to get people out to VOTE for Trane.

Thirty-Fifth Middlesex -- Malden, Medford ***

60% - Paul Donato (D)

32% - Patrick William McCabe (D) [meq] [pp]

  8% - A. James Caralis (D)

What a mess! Donato, formerly a good pro-family guy, has sold us out on just about everything recently. He publicly opposes the Parents Rights bill, and he told us that supports homosexual programs in the schools. Nevertheless, his merry-go-round of positions is attracting a lot of opposition. We'd probably vote for Caralis just to teach Donato and his ilk a lesson.

Fourteenth Norfolk -- Wellesley ***

81% - Alice Peisch (D) [meq] [pp]

19% - Lawrence R. Kaplan (D)

Another horrible choice. And to think that Wellesley used to be solidly Republican! Kaplan is probably a lib ideologue (he was a Democrat School Committe member in Wellesley) but Peisch is so bad that she needs to be booted. So go with Kaplan.

Fourth Plymouth -- Marshfield

[Incumbent Frank M. Hynes (D) is not running]

52% - James M. Cantwell (D)

32% - James M.F. Gilmore (D)

  8% - Michael A. Maresco (D)

  8% - Stephen A. Lynch (D)

They're basically all bad, though Gilmore is probably the least objectionable. The winner faces John M. Valianti (U).

Ninth Plymouth -- Brockton

[Incumbent Thomas P. Kennedy (D) is running (unopposed) for Senate.]

39% - Michael D. Brady (D)  [won by 13 votes!]

39% - Robert F. Sullivan (D)

22% - Conor Yunits (D)

Brady's probably the least objectionable of these three. The winner faces Larry Novak (R) -- who has his own issues -- in November.

Fifth Suffolk -- Dorchester, Boston ***

67% - Marie St Fleur (D) [meq]

33% - Roy Owens (D)

Roy Owens runs for office a lot, and is a fairly good guy. St. Fleur is another footsoldier for the gay lobby.

Sixth Suffolk -- Boston, Mattapan ***

76% - Willie Mae Allen (D) [meq]

24% - Faustina K. Gabriel (D)

We don't know much about Gabriel, but as we say, when in doubt throw out the incumbent. That certainly applies this time. Allen is horrible.

Tenth Suffolk -- Boston / West Roxbury ***

74% - Michael F. Rush (D)

26% - Pamela S. Julian (D)

Julian is endorsed by a homosexual newspaper. Given the choice here, we'd definitely keep Michael Rush in office! No question about it here.

Fourth Worcester -- Leominster

[Incumbent Jennifer L. Flanagan (D) is running for a Senate seat]

54% - Dennis A. Rosa (D)

46% - Susan A. Chalifoux Zephir (D) [meq]

We don't know much about Rosa, but he's not endorsed by any homosexual groups, so a vote for him is probably good. The winner faces Claire M. Freda (U).

Seventh Worcester -- Auburn

68% - Daniel S. Carpenter (D)

32% - Stephen Consilvio (D)

The winner faces incumbent Paul K. Frost (R), who deserves to stay in office.  Frost isn't perfect, but he's much better than most of the other politicians up there.

Eighth Worcester -- Webster

65% - Paul Kujawski (D) [meq]

35% - Richard E. Preston (D)

Preston favors traditional marriage and Kujawski has pretty much completely caved in to the homosexual lobby. Definitely give Preston a chance in the primary, but Kevin J. Kuros (R) is probably the guy to go with in November.

Twelfth Worcester -- Clinton, Northborough ***

68% - Harold P. Naughton, Jr. (D) [meq]

32% - Stephen J. Kerrigan (D)

Both are just as bad, but Naughton has the gay lobby's official endorsement so it would be good to boot him out. On the other hand, Kerrigan, who used to work for Ted Kennedy, is "openly gay", according to the left-wing Blue Mass Group news blog. And when Kerrigan was a Landcaster selectman he publicly attacked the Boy Scouts, according to one of our activists who lives in the district. What a mess! And the Republicans, naturally, aren't fielding a candidate against them.

=== U.S. SENATE ===
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69% - John F. Kerry (D)

31% - Edward J. O'Reilly (D)

A lot of people would love to see O'Reilly beat Kerry in the primary, but in fact O'Reilly is actually worse on social issues than Kerry (for example, he's passionately pro-gay marriage). The guy we really like is Jeffrey Beatty (R) who faces the winner in November.

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First District -- Western end of Mass.

79% - John W. Olver (D)

21% - Robert A. Feuer (D)

Just vote against Olver, who Howie Carr describes as thicker than an oak door and is endorsed by two homosexual groups. The winner faces Nathan A. Bech (R).

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NOTE: The Governor's council decides whether to approve the judges that Gov. Deval Patrick appoints. THey are the only buffer between sanity and lunacy, given how outrageous several of Patrick's picks have been. In our opinion, the ONLY Governor's Council member who deserves to be re-elected is Mary-Ellen Manning in the Fifth District. She is willing to think and question. The rest of them are basically useless, in our opinion.

First District ***

63% - Carole A. Fiola (D-Fall River)

37% - Oliver P. Cipollini, Jr. (D-Barnstable)

Vote for the challenger, Cipollini.

Second District ***

66% - Kelly A. Timilty (D-Dedham)

34% - Robert L. Jubinville (D-Milton)

Vote for the challenger, Jubinville.

Third District ***

54% - Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney (D-Watertown)

33% - John J. Doyle (D-Waltham)

13% - Thomas Walsh (D)

Vote for the challenger, Doyle.

Fourth District ***

57% - Christopher A.Ianella, Jr. (D-Boston)

22% - Stephen F. Flynn (D-Hull)

21% - Robert L. Toomey, Jr. (D-Abington)

Vote for the challenger, Toomey.

Fifth District ***

72% - Mary-Ellen Manning (D-Salem)

28% - Timothy P. Houten (D-Middleton)

Vote for MARY-ELLEN MANNING. She is the best of everybody.

Sixth District ***

73% - Michael J. Callahan (D-Medford)

27% - Roseann Trionfi-Mazzuchelli (D-Winthrop)

Vote for the challenger, Trionfi-Mazzuchelli.