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Homosexual lobby files 8 bills in Legislature to push agenda even further this year

An assault on Massachusetts

Feb. 5, 2009

The homosexual lobby now thinks it owns the Massachusetts Legislature, and they've laid out their plans to continue to change our laws in this new session which began last month. Last month they introduced 8 bills which, according to the homosexual lobby's web reports, constitute their main push.

These are the bills that the homosexual lobby considers its priorities. Last session MassResistance was instrumental in stopping many of them, and thus they are being re-filed again this session.

None of the bills filed this year have official bill numbers yet. We'll let you know what they are, along with the text of each when available.

The "big eight" according to the homosexual lobby are:

1. Transgender rights and hate crimes bill.

One of the most radical bills ever filed in Massachusetts. Would force acceptance "transgenderism" into all aspects of society and make even criticism of the sex-change custodian listed above a hate crime. We led the charge to getting it stopped in the Judiciary Committee last time by publishing a 135-page report exposing it, testifying at the public hearing, and helping a wave of citizens to vent against the committee. But this year it's the top priority of the homosexual lobby. Filed by Reps Carl Sciortino (D-Sodom & Gomorrah) and Rep. Byron Rushing (D-Boston).

2. Planned Parenthood "Health education" bill

Most of you probably remember this from the last two sessions, when we stopped it (with great difficulty, though). Refiled by Rep. Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge), the bill would add health education to the state's formal education requirements, and use the radical 1999 Health Frameworks document as a requirement for passing to higher grades, and for graduating. Among the topics it would require for kids: homosexual "identity", abortion counseling, gender issues.

3. Anti-Bullying Bill

We've been telling you that if you read them carefully, you'll find that these "anti-Bullying" bills were basically fronts for the homosexual movement to get further into the public schools. They use "anti-bullying" as a wedge to push homosexual activism. We've seen it over and over. This bill is being filed by Rep. John Rogers (D-Norwood) in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League and the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. Need we say more? MassResistance exposed it last year, and it got stopped.

4. Officially change Mass. Marriage laws to allow same-sex "marriages"

As we've been pointing out for years, same-sex "marriage" is not "legal" in Massachusetts and has never been legal. The Goodridge decision even acknowledged that. The state is simply (illegally) extending a court decision involving certain parties to the whole state. The homosexual lobby knows that, and wants to actually change the laws. We helped stop this one last session, also. They're trying to keep this one fairly quiet.

5. Repeal the law that makes sodomy a crime

For some reason, the homosexual lobby is obsessed with this one, and they keep re-filing it. The so-called "sodomy laws" are still on the books in Massachusetts and legally binding. This one really bugs them:

Chapter 272: Section 34. Crime against nature
Whoever commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with a beast, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than twenty years.

Three minor bills, but which are still important:

6. Passport name change bill

Filed by openly lesbian Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (D-Springfield), the bill would attempt to get around the current federal restrictions against homosexual "marriage" by creating an "expedited" name-change process that the federal government would have to recognize for passport purposes.

7. LGBT elder training bill

Filed for the first time this year, this bill would require the state to develop a mandatory curriculum on homosexual "elder issues" for elder service providers working under the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. It was filed by Rep. Barbara L'Italien (D-Andover), working with a homosexual group that calls itself LGBT Aging Project. It forces the medical providers to recognize homosexuals as a special class of people as the state deems correct, despite their own religious or ethical beliefs.

8. Pension reform bill

Filed by Sen. Steve Tolman (D-Boston) and Rep. Ellen Story (D-Amherst), the bill forces pensions in the state education system to further cater to homosexual couples. It doesn't seem particularly necessary, but it has the effect of pushing normalization of homosexual behavior further and further into the government bureaucracy.

The homosexual lobbies have done a huge amount of strategizing and fundraising to get these bills passed this year.  Here's the writeup of the upcoming lobbying effort in the homosexual newspaper:

         Bay Windows:
Flurry of pro-LGBT bills on Beacon Hill

They are extremely focused on changing our laws to force the normalization homosexual behavior throughout society, and particularly before young children.

We've got our work cut out for us this year, no question about it!