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Homosexual lobby files budget amendments in MA House in attempt to restore $850,000 funding for homosexual programs in schools!

Amendments being voted in House this week.

April 27, 2009

The gay lobby has launched a last-ditch effort in the MA House to restore the taxpayer funding in the 2010 state budget for homosexual programs in the in the schools. They are not giving up their obsession with children in the schools. They've submitted amendments to the House Ways and Means budget released last Wednesday. These amendments will be voted on next week.  After that, the entire budget goes to the Senate.

These amendments are being debated and voted on this week!

As we reported earlier, the House Ways and Means Committee's budget completely eliminated the $850,000 that goes to the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth -- for homosexual and transgender programs in the public schools targeting children. The cuts are the result of the extreme budget problems and the flood of outrage from citizens targeting the Legislature and Governor about continuing to include this money. The Governor's budget recommendations, released earlier, had also completely eliminated that funding.

This was certainly a big victory! But the homosexual lobby isn't giving up.

Just after the filing deadline the State House website posted nearly a thousand amendments to the budget filed by Reps. Among those are two amendments (filed by the usual cabal of pro-homosexual Reps) to restore the funding into the two budget items they generally use to funnel money to the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth.

     Here is our analysis of the 2 budget items used for that money.

Here is the text of the amendments to restore the money to those two budget items:

Amendment #714  [Link to website text]
(Amending budget Item # 4590-0250)

Mr. Sciortino of Medford, Ms. Wolf of Cambridge, Mr. Garballey of Arlington, Mr. Toomey of Cambridge, Mr. Brownsberger of Belmont, Ms. Dorcena-Forry of Boston, and Mr. Walsh of Boston move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 4590-0250, by inserting therein the following:-

"provided further, that not less than $550,000 shall be expended for the commission on gay and lesbian youth;"

and by striking from the item the figure "$13,415,743" and replacing it with the figure "$13,965,743".

Amendment #559 
[Link to website text]
(Amending budget Item # 7010-0005)

Representatives Wolf of Cambridge, Allen of Boston, Malia of Boston, Sciortino of Medford and Provost of Somerville move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 7010-0005, by inserting after the words "department of elementary and secondary education" the following: "; provided, that the department, in collaboration with the commission on gay and lesbian youth established by section 67 of chapter 3 of the General Laws, shall allocate not less than $270,000 for programming following the commission on gay and lesbian youth's recommendations for the reduction of suicide, violence, and other health disparities for sexual minority youth".

Interestingly, for some reason their strategy seems to be not to ask for the entire $850,000 back, but only $820,000. We suspect this is for some political reason. They probably will try to get the rest back in the Senate.

Urgent email from gay lobby to supporters

Yesterday the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus sent out an email to their supporters (with the usual emotional pitch) telling them:

"MGLPC is meeting and working with House leaders and members and working with our coalition partners to pass these amendments. We need your help now. Email your Representative . . . After you email your Representative, please forward this email to friends and family who will help us protect the most vulnerable in our community."

The homosexual lobby's obsession with pushing their programs on schoolchildren is quite astounding, and cannot be underestimated.

Make YOUR voice heard - we need to KEEP our victory!

The person who ultimately controls which amendments get passed is the Speaker, Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop). This guy was once somewhat normal, but since he became Speaker earlier this year he has started cozying up to the homosexual lobby, appearing at their events, etc. We don't think his district is quite in line with that thinking. (He'll be reminded of that.)

We also think this fight can be won. In our opinion, if they had intended to give the homosexuals this money, they would have done it in the budget. But we CAN'T let the leadership cave in to them at this point.

Tell DeLeo:

Do NOT to allow budget amendments #559 and #714 to pass. This is a serious budget crisis. We do NOT want taxpayer money going to push homosexual programs in our schools targeting kids. Don't override the Ways and Means Committee on this!

Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop)
Phone - State House: 617-722-2500 District Office: 781-289-8965
Email: [email protected]