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Pro-gay MA senators submit budget amendments to restore funding for homosexual programs in schools!

The fight continues - gay lobby continues to push in Senate

May 18, 2009

Parents and citizens won in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, but now there's another hurdle.

Two pro-homosexual Massachusetts state senators have introduced amendments to restore funding to the Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, the state-funded group of radical homosexual activists that runs "gay" clubs in high schools and middle schools as well as a wide range of homosexual and transgender activities targeting children.

Last week - after successful lobbying by parents across the state - the Ways and Means Committee cut the funding completely. They got the message. They also got a flood of calls, emails, and more. It was good to win one for a change.

But the homosexual lobby isn't giving up. Last year, they got $850,000 of your money. They're trying to get as much of that back as they can. Here's how the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows put it in last week's paper:

Lisa Perry-Wood, executive director of the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth, said the commission would work with allies in the Senate to file two amendments, one to restore earmark language for the safe schools program under the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and another to restore language for the Department of Public Health (DPH) LGBT youth programs, which include the commission's funding.

"We are definitely working with senators to sponsor amendments for us. Sen. [Anthony] Galluccio [D-Cambridge] is sponsoring an amendment on the DESE side for the safe schools program, and he's asking for $300,000, which is level funding, and we are very grateful for his leadership," said Perry-Wood.

She said the commission has not yet finalized who will file the DPH amendment, but at a minimum she said the amendment would restore the programming language to the budget, even if it does not include a dollar amount. The FY09 budget included $550,000 in funding for DPH's LGBT youth programs.

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And sure enough, that's what happened. Out of the 675 amendments filed by the Friday deadline, we found the two that we suspected would be there. Of course, they couch it in all kinds of phony "suicide and violence prevention" language, and that's how they sell it every year. But it's a complete sham. It all goes to gay clubs, "gay day" and "transgender day" events, the "day of silence" and everything else we've seen.

There are traditionally two budget items that this gets funneled through. One through the Department of Education and the other through the Department of Public Health. Here are the amendments that were filed:

Amendment #1. Sen. Anthony Galluccio (D-Cambridge), who took over when gay activist Sen. Jarrett Barrios stepped down, is following right in his footsteps. This amendment funnels $300,000 through the Department of Education.

EDU 334

Mr. Galluccio moved that the bill be amended, in Section 2, in item 7010-0005, by adding to the end thereof the following:- "; provided further that the department, in collaboration with the commission on gay and lesbian youth established by section 67 of chapter 3 of the General Laws, shall allocate not less than $300,000 for programming to ensure public schools' compliance with the board of elementary and secondary education's recommendations, which take into account the commission's recommendations, for the support and safety of gay and lesbian students and the implementation of related suicide and violence prevention efforts and reduction of health disparities for GLBT youth."

Amendment #2 . Sen. Cynthia Creem (D-Newton) is as vituperative in her pro-homosexual, anti-parent, self-righteous radicalism as anyone we've seen. This amendment funnels a yet unspecified amount of money through the Department of Public Health.

EHS 494

Ms. Creem moved that the bill be amended, in Section 2, in item 4590-0250 by adding at the end thereof the following: "provided further that funds shall be expended for the support of the commission on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) youth, and shall be used to address the recommendations of said commission for reduction of health disparities for GLBT youth"

Homosexual lobby issues "call to action" to lobby for money

Here's the call to action that the Massachusetts Commission on LGBT Youth has published in the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows for their supporters. They are fighting for the money to continue pushing their programs on other peoples' children in the public schools.

Let the senate leadership know how you feel

The Senate, and especially the leadership, needs to hear from everybody.

Keep in mind that these same politicians are telling us that they're are nearly two billion dollars in the red. They are saying this is the worst time since the Great Depression. But . . . they're willing to sell out to the radical homosexual lobby. And they're willing to "find" taxpayer money to push homosexual / transgender programs on children.

Do NOT let this happen. Do NOT let them put money back into this.

Call your own senator, as well as the Senate Preident. They need to hear it fairly bluntly. Tell them:

"DO NOT pass amendments EDU 334 and EHS 494. Do not push more perversions on our children with our tax money, just to placate the radical homosexual special interests. "

Contact the Senate President:

Senate President Therese Murray
State House Phone: 617-722-1500    District Phone: 508-746-9332
Email: [email protected]