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"Anti-bullying" bills -- a front for more homosexual activism in public schools.

Parents want help -- not more pro-gay propaganda!

POSTED: Nov 11, 2009  UPDATED: Dec 3, 2009

Back in August, MassResistance got a phone call from The Advocate, a national homosexual magazine. Their reporter wanted to talk to us about the "anti-bullying" bills for public schools coming up in the Massachusetts Legislature. Why is a national homosexual magazine interested in "anti-bullying" bills in Massachusetts public schools, we wondered? What's going on?

We didn't talk with them. But it's not hard to find out what's going on. The homosexual movement has a national campaign to hijack the "anti-bullying" issue to push the normalization of homosexuality in schools across the country by force of law.

Here's what's happening: This Fox News video about the LGBT anti-bullying agenda in San Francisco is worth watching:

The homosexual movement is dishonestly and maliciously using a legitimate problem - bullying at schools - to weave in their destructive agenda of forcing homosexual-normalization propaganda on kids. Their favorite tactic is to claim that kids are "unsafe" while in school because they are "GLBT" and therefore these programs must be made mandatory. For instance, they will claim that a child in elementary school was bullied because he is perceived to be homosexual --  if the word "gay" was used even once by classmates during such an incident.

They also want to use these programs to harass and punish children who use the word "gay" as a term of derision in casual conversation. (The forced normalization of homosexual behavior even extends to that!)

GLSEN leading the national "anti-bully" legislation push

The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a national homosexual activist group targeting children in the public schools, is pushing this agenda nationally. (In Massachusetts, GLSEN is responsible for the Fistgate and Little Black Book incidents, among many others.) GLSEN has drafted guidelines for state legislation and has started an aggressive, well-funded campaign to pass their "anti-bullying" bills in state legislatures across the country.

The national campaign is quite extensive:

Here are the articles that appeared in the homosexual magazine The Advocate after they called us last August:

Massachusetts being targeted

Massachusetts is their current target. They tried it in the last legislative session with a similar approach -- and we got it stopped. This session they're trying again. There are a dozen "anti-bullying" bills before the Massachusetts Legislature this session. 

And the homosexual lobby (GLSEN, Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, MassEquality, Mass GLBT Youth Commission, BAGLY, etc.) as well as other left-wing groups such as the ADL, are pushing extremely hard.

A lot of legitimate questions

Several of these bills are unusually complicated and require schools to set up various local commissions, reporting procedures, programs, etc. It would surely add layers of bureauracy and much additional costs to school systems.

Some of the bills also address "cyber-bullying" which involves attacks by students (often fairly vicious) on the Internet -- and these probably ought to be dealt with.

A lot of questions arise: Is this the right way to deal with this problem? Should the state-wide budget crisis be taken into account? Should the Legislature be doing this-- or should local school boards be doing it? Are there some good, legitimate ways to deal with these problem? We don't know all the answers.

We're not opposed to solutions that would make sense. Many of the stories we hear from parents and children are certainly compelling. The truth is that "bullying" among children has been around forever, and happens because of psychological and emotional factors not related to specific attributes such as race, etc. It could be anything (such as height, weight, hair color, ethnicity, etc.) or nothing in particular. There are sensible ways to handle it.

But we do know that parents DO NOT want this to be turned into a mandated homosexual propaganda program - which is exactly the intent of the national homosexual groups targeting children. So we need to make it VERY CLEAR to these legislators that any attempt to do that will be fought very hard by parents.