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State preparing for passage of S2028. Hiring hundreds of health care workers to work during "state of emergency", writing regulations.

POSTED: October 5, 2009

The state seems to already be preparing for the passage of S2028 and the ensuing vaccination and quarantine of citizens. We've recently noticed that many of the job listings on the state website, particularly those for medical providers, have a paragraph that says:

This position is designated as an "EMERGENCY" position in the Department of Developmental Services' Emergency Plan. This means that whenever the Governor declares that the Commonwealth is in a state of emergency, you will be required to report to work.

There are also specific job listings that would appear to be for an upcoming state of emergency. For example, Job Listing #J16791 (link below) is for 99 registered nurses. At the top of the posting it says it's for the Glavin Regional Center, but lower down it lists 20 different locations. The Glavin Regional Center is a mental health facility in Shrewsbury that is slated to be closed down next year. However, bill S2028 refers to mental health facilities as places where people may be quarantined. And this posting has the "emergency" paragraph above.

        Mass. Job Listing #J16791 -- 99 nurses

And there are dozens of other postings with the "emergency" paragraph in it

DPH ready to move fast

The Department of Public Health has already put together their plans and paperwork for getting this off the ground.

Department of Public Health memo (Sept. 4, 2009)
Emergency regulations authorizing administration of vaccine by designated health care professionals

New regulations requiring all hospital employees to be vaccinated

DPH form for "refusenik" employees who don't want to be vaccinated

Form for tracking employees who refuse to be vaccinated