Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Public hearing this Tuesday, July 14, on extremely oppressive "transgender rights and hate crimes" law with fines & jail terms.

Backed by 104 Massachusetts legislators -- bill is "major goal" of MA homosexual lobby this year.

July 7, 2009

On Tuesday, July 14, there will be a public hearing at the Massachusetts State House on the most extensive, oppressive, and far-reaching "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill ever seriously considered in America.

This bill forces the acceptance of "transgenderism", cross-dressing, and other various "gender expressions" throughout virtually every part of society, under the threat of fines and jail time for even disagreeing in public.

The bill is long and extremely comprehensive, covering a vast range of society, including schools, businesses, restaurants, government, labor unions, apartments, offices, and all public accommodations, including any place "which is open to and accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public," and any public area. It includes all hiring and firing and employment benefits and insurance coverage. There is no religious exemption.

Read the entire text of the bill HERE (over 10 pages long)
We've put in links to current laws that it references and changes plus commentary about each section.

Text of bill on State House website

What is 'gender identity or expression'?

The bill will write into the Massachusetts General Laws "transgender" individuals as a protected class of people with the following extremely vague definition:

"The term 'gender identity or expression' shall mean a gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual, regardless of the individual's assigned sex at birth."

What?? Thus, legally protected behaviors can range from someone who simply "expresses" himself or herself to be the opposite sex, verbally or by their clothing -- to someone who who has parts of his or her body surgically removed or mutilated and takes huge doses of hormones to attempt to "become" the opposite sex -- to someone who simply insists on using facilities meant for the opposite sex.

In the transgender movement, for example, there are women with hormone-induced beards and men with silicone breasts. This concept is also being introduced to kids at "transgender days" in public schools in Massachusetts. It's a train rolling down the tracks!

Officially considered a mental disorder

Keep in mind that "transgenderism" is officially considered a disorder by the mental health profession that can (and should) be treated.

Thankfully, the medical field has not caved in to political correctness on this issue. The mental health profession's fourth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) includes this:

Medical description: DSM-IV Gender Identity Disorder

Also: Article on dangers of sex-change surgery (NARTH)

This seems to be a losing fight against basic nature. No amount of body mutilation or hormone use can change a person's DNA. A man will always be a man; a woman will always be a woman.

Unfortunately, this bill takes none of the medical community's knowledge into consideration. It's all about pushing a radical political agenda into society.

Criticism by citizens could lead to fines and jail time!

These people are serious radicals. They intend to stamp out ALL dissent. Open criticism of someone's transgender behavior -- even so much as "making a distinction" -- could lead to a $2500.00 fine and a year in jail!

The bill says:

"Whoever makes any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of . . . gender identity or expression . . . relative to the admission of any person to, or his treatment in any place of public accommodation, resort or amusement . . . or whoever aids or incites such distinction, discrimination or restriction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than twenty-five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, and shall be liable to any person aggrieved thereby for such damages . . ."

For example: If any of the following happens, you'd better make sure you don't speak up about it:

  • Suppose a man wearing a dress, lipstick, and high heels gets hired to teach the second grade in your child's elementary school. (He couldn't be denied the job!)

  • You're at dinner with your kids and a man in a dress comes to wait on your table.

  • Last year a group of "transgender" women had their breasts surgically removed paraded shirtless down the streets of Northampton exposing their scars as a bizarre expression of solidarity. See photos and more HERE.

  • You're a woman with your daughter in a public rest room and a 6-foot-plus man wearing a miniskirt comes in. (We have video of that actually happening here in Massachusetts, which we will publish soon.)

You'd be risking a fine and jail time for even speaking out!

Just the tip of the iceberg

Here is just a taste of what this extreme law will bring you.

  • Churches, religious businesses, and individuals will lose their freedom of speech and religion.

  • Schools will be legally required to normalize this psychological disorder to your children.

  • "Gender expression" -- since it's so losely defined -- will open the door to sexual activity in public and public nudity.

  • Sensitivity training at businesses for transgenderism will become mandatory.
    Health clubs, rest rooms, locker rooms will become essentially unisex.

  • Landlords and property owners will be unable to deny rental or sale on the basis of "gender identity or expression".

  • Any crime against a self-identified "transgender" person will receive extra penalties as a "hate crime."

  • Body mutilations to "change" one's sex could become part of mandatory insurance coverage.

  • The unelected tribunal "Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination" will have broad powers to harass people, impose huge fines, and more.

This is just the beginning. For much more background, go to our complete web-based report on this bill:

The Coming Nightmare of a "Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes" Law in Massachusetts: Why Bill H1728 Must Be Defeated

Also, for some of the more explicit details of what the transgender movement is already doing now in Massachusetts, see our pictures and descriptions in the MassResistance Blog (in item #2, below).

Top priority of homosexual lobby in Massachusetts

The homosexual lobby in Massachusetts has declared this bill their #1 priority for this legislative session - higher than everything else. They are willing to put all their resources into passing it. They see this as a way of pushing sexual radicalism deeper into society than ever before.

A sign of what's coming to America eventually?

Although a number of states have passed various "transgender rights" bills, most are quite weak compared to this. This is far more comprehensive than anywhere else. Just like with "gay marriage," once the homosexual movement passes this here they intend to export it across America.

Why are 104 Massachusetts legislators co-sponsors of this??

You're reading that correctly. Over half of the 200-member Massachusetts Legislature are co-sponsors of this hideous bill!!  There are 21 in the Senate (out of 40 total) and 83 in the House (out of 160 total). It's mind-boggling.

List of 104 House & Senate sponsors (with contact links) HERE

How does this happen? It's pretty disgusting. In some ways this is similar to the way Congress passed the recent $800 billion stimulus package. We have not yet spoken a single legislator who's co-sponsoring it who has actually read the bill -- including one of the Judiciary Committee chairmen we spoke to. When you quote them passages, their eyes glaze over and they just look at you. It's eerie. (There are probably a few who've read it - the radicals who wrote it!)

Here's what clearly took place: The homosexual movement simply told them that this is a "civil rights" issue, and gave them some silly talking points, and they've bought right into it without asking questions. They got a nice pat on the head and were told that they're taking a stand for "progress." We've seen that sad pattern happen over and over again, here and in other states.

The bottom line is that the average Massachusetts legislator gets a lot more pressure and attention from the homosexual movement, and not enough from you. And guess what that causes?

You'd better change that.

We need to fight back NOW!

Everyone's help is needed to stop this! Here's what YOU can do!

The first step: The public hearing is: Tuesday, July 14, at 1:00 pm in the Gardner Auditorium of the Massachusetts State House.  Expect a big show by the homosexual / transgender movement. The reason they've moved it to the auditorium is that the homosexual movement will be there in force. Good people need to be there, too!

Can we win this?

Yes we can -- tho it probably won't be easy! Last session the homosexual lobby filed this same bill. Although at that time it wasn't their top priority, it was backed by dozens of legislators, the Governor, the Attorney General, and all the major Massachusetts bar associations. The proponents staged over 10 hours of testimony at the public hearing.

But, as you may remember, MassResistance also flooded the Judiciary Committee with outrage from across the state. In the end, the bill was killed in committee! The homosexual and transgender activists were very stunned and angry.

Last year's public hearing - report & photos

Last years public hearing (photos from homosexual panels)

"I am a female with a beard." Woman testifies as part of all-female panel at hearing for transgender bill last year.