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Boston Globe starts media blitz promoting transgender bill

Usual biased reporting, pushing social agenda

POSTED: April 29, 2010

Just another example how out of touch with reality the Boston mainstream media is -- and the lengths they will go pushing their social agendas.

The Boston Globe has started its own campaign to lobby for passage of the radical Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes bill (H1728). In eight days it published six pieces promoting it, including four "news" articles and one editorial, plus a ridiculous editorial cartoon. And we'll probably see a lot more.

The issue exploded at the Republican convention when all three challengers for Governor -- Baker, Mihos, and also Cahill -- announced they would veto it (though the fiercely pro-gay Baker probably did so reluctantly). But the ultra-left Globe couldn't stand still for that. The Globe had apparently gotten bored with the anti-bully bill crusade (which is now pretty much done)  and has decided to take this isssue on front and center.

Not hiding their bias. One of the worst articles, from Tuesday, Apr. 27, is a shameless puff piece portraying the cross-dressing and transgender movement as a noble warriors in a new civil rights struggle. Like a lot of the Globe's "news" articles on these issues, no opposing view is presented. This one is pretty bad, even by the Globe's low standards.

You can read the article HERE.

Leaving out the obvious problem . . .

In the article above, you'll notice that the words "Gender Identity Disorder" do not appear in the article (or any of the Globe articles). Yet that's what this is really all about: normalizing a psychiatric disorder. Maybe the reporter ought to be reminded of that.

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Parade of articles, etc.

Other Boston Globe articles over the last several days pushing the transgender bill:

Boston Globe editorial cartoon April 22. Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker is pro-GLBT, but not pro-GLBT enough for the Globe!