\ Critical bills to be heard July 14
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Also at the July 14 "transgender bill" public hearing:

Other critical bills that we NEED to pay attention to that day

Among those 237 bills are several very critical bills that are being heard that day. These also need some serious testimony:

  • Women's "Right to Know" law on abortion
    H1670 Text of bill - Rep. Elizabeth Poirier (R-North Attleborough)
    Also known as "Laura's Law" this would require abortion providers to give women complete and accurate information about abortions, to offset the huge pressure and propaganda that women in those situations now get.

  • Update outdated "wiretapping" statute
    H1720 Text of bill - Sen. Brian Joyce (D-Milton)
    Homosexual activists used the outdated Mass. wiretapping law to attempt to sue Scott Whiteman and Brian Camenker for "damages" regarding the recordings of the horrific Fistgate tapes. That law was never meant to be used that way, and this would update it properly.

  • Repeal ban of sale of abortion-inducing drugs, devices, etc.
    H1745 Text of bill - Rep. Ellen Story (D-Amherst)
    This would repeal laws prohibiting the ordinary sale of abortion-inducing drugs or medical devices to cause abortions. It has a huge list of co-sponsors.

  • Remove parental consent on abortions for minors
    H1746 Text of bill Text of current law - Rep. Ellen Story (D-Amherst)
    This is very frightening. The abortion industry continues to target younger kids. Currently, a girl's parents must approve an abortion (if she's under 18), though a superior court judge can overrule them if they refuse. This bill, sponsored by 44 legislators, would allow a wide range of people - including teachers, clergy, guidance counselors, social workers, or any adult relative - to overrule the parents!

  • Officially legalize homosexual "marriage"
    H1708 Text of bill - Rep. Byron Rushing (D-Boston)
    This coincides with the Attorney General's lawsuit against DOMA (see item below). The homosexual lobby knows very well that same-sex "marriage" was never really made legal. Since the Massachusetts Constitution does not allow judges to change law, the SJC's infamous Goodridge ruling left it in the Legislature's hands to do that. But it never did. (They've been trying to keep this quiet. Curiously, they haven't sneaked the legislation through yet. This crowded hearing is the perfect opportunity.)

  • Repeal sodomy laws and other morality laws
    H3536 (Also H1711) Text of bill - Rep. Byron Rushing (D-Boston)
    S1656 Text of bill - Sen. Cynthia Creem (D-Newton)
    The phrase "the abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or beast" -- still found in the Massachusetts General Laws -- really drives the homosexual lobby crazy. They want to repeal this, as well as certain other laws dealing with public morality and order. This has a lot of implications!

  • Governor's oppressive anti-gun bill
    H4102 Text of bill - filed by Gov. Deval Patrick
    This bill makes several changes in the state's gun laws that would disastrous effects on our 2nd Amendment rights and make it even more difficult to buy and own a gun, according to Gun Owners Action League. Read their summary of H4102 here..