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About the Transgender Bill - H1728

Now before the Massachusetts Legislature

Updated: Aug. 6, 2009

The Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes bill is possibly the most radical legislation ever seriously introduced into the Massachusetts Legislature. It would add the vaguely defined phrase "gender identity or expression" to many existing statutes, opening the door to unimaginable perversions played out in public – and the public will have no right to object.

STATUS: The bill went before the Joint Judiciary Committee in a public hearing on July 14. The Committee is still accepting written testimony. There has been no further action on the bill. The committee will hold an "executive session" (currently not scheduled) to decide whether to move the bill forward to the full Legislature for a vote, or kill it.

This is a well-organized campaign by the powerful homosexual lobby in Massachusetts. It even has its own logo! Here is one of the stickers they hand out at their political events..