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Mass Governor's proposed budget for 2011 has NO money for homosexual programs in schools!

Grassroots activism paid off. But the battle's just starting.

POSTED: Feb 12, 2010

The governor's proposed budget for 2011 contains NO money for homosexual programs in the public schools - or anywhere else. But can we keep it out?

On January 27, Gov. Deval Patrick's office released his proposed 2011 state budget. For the second year in a row - thanks to MassResistance-generated pressure and general budget issues - all the funding for homosexual programs is completely eliminated.

But the big battles are ahead in upcoming months when the House and then the Senate debate it, change it, and pass it.

Two years ago, the Governor's budget included $550,000 for homosexual programs in the schools (including $350,000 to go directly to the infamous Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which facilitates adult homosexual activists going directly into public schools, working directly with children, and setting up programs). That year the Legislature added even more money - for a final total of $850,000!

Last year, MassResistance generated calls to the Governor's office and even called the staff in the Budget office, describing what this money pays for. They (reluctantly) got the message, and his budget slashed it to zero.

Later, as you know, we fought a huge battle with the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees, including intense lobbying from their districts to keep them from adding money. In the end, the zero funding held. But it wasn't easy.  (Here's one of the postings we did during that period.)

This year you can be sure the homosexual lobby will be going after the Legislature harder than ever. They want "their" money, and they are angry that they didn't get it this past year.

GLBT Commission still operating, though . . .

The Mass. LGBT Commission has still been targeting children in the public schools, though with fewer resources. They've had to get money from the pro-homosexual Dept. of Public Health, and they've also raised private money from wealthy homosexual activists through the foundation they set up. (Their chilling slogan: "These kids are our kids.")

As you know, we are working on this, also. This session we've filed Bill H145 in the Legislature to eliminate that hideous "commission" completely. The public hearing on our bill was Nov. 23.