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Mass. Governor, Senate President, legislators, getting money from millionaire homosexual political activist Tim Gill

For pushing homosexual agenda

POSTED: October 25, 2010

Tim Gill is a multi-millionaire hardcore homosexual activist in Colorado who funds pro-homosexual candidates in legislative races in order to push pro-gay and sexual-radical causes across the country.

Gill is arguably the most powerful homosexual activist in America. His funding of state legislature candidates in key areas has had a huge effect in getting pro-homosexual legislation passed across the country. He specializes in targeting his funds to defeat up-and-coming pro-family candidates and to keep effective pro-homosexual candidates in power.

Over the last several years, Gill has help fund the campaigns of over two dozen Massachusetts state legislators. This year, for example, he gave money to Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and state rep (and current senate candidate) Katherine Clark, as well as the Democratic State Committee. In the past he's funded House Speaker Sal DiMasi, and many others.

You can see the complete list of current candidates who've received Gill money in our Election Guide.

If you don't know about Tim Gill's monstrous effect on state politics, here are the best places to start:

Keeping his hand in Massachusetts politics

Massachusetts has been -- and continues to be -- ground zero for the homosexual movement's long march to transform our society through force of law, and Gill knows that very well. The executive director of Gill's political action organization is Patrick Guerriero, a major Massachusetts homosexual activist and former mayor of Melrose, as well as Jane Swift's one-time pick to be her Lt. Governor, before she decided not to run. Guerriero also served on Mitt Romney's transition team when he became Governor.

We've noted recipients of Gill's funding in our 2010 State Election Guide,  above. Of course, what we've noted are direct donations from Gill. According to reports he also funnels money to candidates through others, and also gives money through his Gill Action Fund. (He also gives money to homosexual groups such as GLSEN and PFLAG through his Gill Foundation.)

In the past several years we've seen huge amounts of money -- mostly from out of state -- pour into seemingly obscure races involving homosexual activists running the first time. Carl Sciortino (in Medford) and (Anne Manning) in Peabody in 2004 immediately come to mind, and there have been others. It's not hard to figure out where most of this is ultimately coming from.

Unfortunately, there are no conservative Tim Gills on the horizon, so groups like MassResistance have to work twice as hard. We've experienced that when properly exposed, the Gill influence can be successfully countered. But it's not easy!