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Pro-family candidate to challenge Richard Tisei in
Lt. Gov. Primary as write-in to send message to
Republican Party establishment!

Finally, "the rest of us" have someone to vote for

POSTED: Aug 4, 2010

Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei, who've been selected as candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor by Massachusetts Republican Party establishment, are arguably among the most radical anti-family Republican party-endorsed Governor or Lt. Governor candidates ever in Massachusetts -- or in of any state in America. In any place but Massachusetts they would be liberal Democrats, not Republicans.

Over the last few months we have seen overwhelming anxiety and frustration across Massachusetts. "Who can we vote for?" people are saying. "All the candidates are so terrible."

A Western Massachusetts pro-family leader has offered to give people an alternative:

Keith Davis - write-in candidate for Lt. Governor

Keith Davis lives in Holyoke and is a long-time pro-family leader and organizer in Western Massachusetts. He is head of the FIAT (Faith in Action Team) of Pioneer Valley, and is also an active Tea Party / 912 Group member.

Davis is everything that Tisei is not. He pro-family, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-2nd-amendment, pro-religion, pro-parents' rights, and anti-activist judges.

     Here's his campaign website:

Send a clear message to the RINO establishment

There's nothing quite like voting for someone you actually support, rather than the lesser of two (or three) evils.

And by (hopefully) thousands of people voting for Keith Davis as a write-in candidate in the September 14 Republican Primary, a very strong statement will be made to the RINO Republican establishment, especially since relatively few people vote in most primaries. The people running the Massachusetts Republican Party love to use social conservatives to do the grunt work on campaigns, but they arrogantly see themselves as above having to dirty themselves with the principled issues that conservatives care about.

And Davis could actually win it!

And if Davis should receive MORE votes than Tisei, he would replace him and appear on the ballot in the November general election. This has actually happened twice in Massachusetts in recent years -- a write-in candidate beat a ballot candidate in a primary in state rep races, and both times that candidate went on to became the state rep. So this adds a level of excitement.

To be announced Monday: Pro-family candidate for Governor!

In addition to Keith Davis, a Massachusetts pro-family leader has stepped up to the plate to run as a write-in for Governor against Charlie Baker. On Monday we'll announce who he is and kick off his campaign.