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Pro-family write-in against anti-family Charlie Baker for Governor in Mass Republican primary

Send a strong message to Massachusetts RINO establishment!

POSTED: Aug 12, 2010

Finally, "the rest of us" have an alternative for Governor.

As you know, the Massachusetts Republican Party establishment has selected Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei as candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. Baker and Tisei are arguably among the most radical anti-family Republican party-endorsed Governor or Lt. Governor candidates ever in Massachusetts - or in of any state in America. In any place but Massachusetts they would be liberal Democrats, not Republicans.

How bad are they? Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei: A pro-family nightmare

This has caused a great deal of anxiety and frustration across the Massachusetts. There are now pro-family alternatives that YOU can vote for in the September 14 Republican Primary to send a message to the RINO Republican establishment.

Last week we announced Keith Davis as a write-in candidate for Lt. Governor, against Richard Tisei. This week we are urging people to write in Scott Lively for Governor, against Charlie Baker.

Scott Lively: Write-in for Governor

Scott Lively lives in Springfield and is known as a major pro-family figure not only in the U.S. but internationally. He is an attorney, pastor (with a PhD in theology), pro-family activist, and author of several books. He also spent time as an international consultant on family issues with more than twenty years of ministry opposing the "gay" political agenda around the world.

Dr. Lively is founder of Abiding Truth Ministries, the Pro-Family Law Center,, and most recently the Redemption Gate Ministry Society in Springfield, Mass.. Over the past 20 years he has also lectured and consulted on pro-family strategies in more than 30 countries.

Principled and fearless

Like Glenn Beck, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, the Tea Party Movement, MassResistance, and many more, Scott Lively has been demonized by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a "hate group" - a disgusting tactic meant to marginalize effective conservatives. For his beliefs and activism he has withstood pressure that would overcome most people.

Lively is everything that Charlie Baker is not. He is principled, pro-family, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-2nd-amendment, pro-religion, pro-parents' rights, and utterly fearless.

Send a clear message to the RINO establishment

There's nothing quite like voting for someone you actually support, rather than the lesser of two (or three) evils.

And by thousands (we hope!) of people voting for Scott Lively as a write-in candidate in the September 14 Republican Primary, a very strong statement will be made to the RINO Republican establishment, especially since relatively few people vote in most primaries. Don't assume you own us. What you're selling, we're not buying. The people running the Massachusetts Republican Party love to use social conservatives to do the grunt work on campaigns, but they arrogantly see themselves as above "dirtying" themselves with the principled issues that conservatives care about.

He could theoretically win it! It's not hopeless.

As we observed with Keith Davis, if Lively should receive MORE votes than Baker, he would replace him and appear on the ballot in the November general election. This has actually happened twice in Massachusetts in recent years -- a write-in candidate beat a ballot candidate in a primary in state rep races, and both times that candidate went on to became the state rep.

We will be posting more information on this.