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"Conservative" Boston Herald endorses pro-gay, anti-family liberals over pro-family candidates for Nov. 2 election

Reveals paper's true liberal ideology

POSTED: Nov 1, 2010

Over the last week the "conservative" Boston Herald announced its endorsements for the Nov. 2 general election.  The short answer is: From a pro-family perspective they don't get it.

Phony conservative newspaper

Boston is one of the few cities left in America with two daily newspapers. Politically speaking, the Boston Globe is just slightly to the right of Castro. The Boston Herald was traditionally considered to be conservative. And when Patrick Purcell, known at the time as a down-to-earth, religious guy, bought the Herald in 1994, we all thought we'd be seeing a strong conservative presence to balance off the Globe -- not unlike the Manchester Union Leader in spunk.

But that didn't happen. Purcell made his peace with the Boston liberal establishment and most of the Herald staffers are indistinguishable from Globe staffers, and they promote the same liberal agenda as the rest of the Boston media. Purcell tries to create a façade of a "conservative" alternative to the Globe by printing some conservative opinion columns on the editorial page and occasionally endorsing Republicans. But in reality their heart hasn't been in it. It's really more like a New England edition of the socially liberal New York Post. So don't get fooled any more.

Endorsing anti-family candidates

The Herald chose only a handful of races among over a hundred to make endorsements in. Among those are:

  • Senate President Race. Last month the Herald ran an article quoting Senate President Therese Murray mocking the Tea Party candidates as "nutcases" belonging to a "tea bag Movement". Then last Monday, they formally endorsed Murray over Republican Tom Keyes. Keyes is an outstanding candidate with a very strong campaign - but is supported by the Tea Party and is not a liberal. (Murray is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and gets Tim Gill money.)
  • The Herald also endorsed Martha Coakley for re-election as Attorney General. Coakley is so rabidly, vitriolic ally anti-family that we can hardly list it all.
  • Dan Winslow, a Republican endorsed by the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, who has admitted helping push "gay marriage" while Gov. Mitt Romney's legal counsel, gets the nod.
  • In a shocking move, they are endorsing Josh Cutler (MassEquality, Planned Parenthood, NARAL) a left-wing local newspaper editor over incumbent Rep. Daniel Webster - a solid pro-family guy!
  • The Herald is also endorsing Eileen Donaghue (MassEquality, Planned Parenthood Naral) over James Buba (MCFL) for Sen. Steven Panagiotakos' seat.
  • Finally, although the Herald does not endorse Congressman John Tierney, it refuses to endorse his Republican opponent Bill Hudak because they say Hudak "isn't exactly a standout." Actually Hudak IS a standout. The lefties at the Herald (along with the rest of the Boston media) have their noses out of joint because Hudak had a colorful anti-Obama sign in his yard.

At this point the only things consistently worth reading in the Herald are Howie Carr's column and occasionally Joe Fitzgerald's column. Their editorial staff is as bad as the Globe's. In other words, when it comes to social conservatives, they don't get it.