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"Conservative" Mississippi governor steering millions of dollars to elect pro-homosexual pro-abortion RINO governor in Massachusetts

Funding huge flood of advertising on TV, radio, Internet

POSTED: October 17, 2010

As anyone living in Massachusetts will tell you, you can hardly turn on television, radio, or even many Internet news sites without seeing one of Haley Barbour's political ads promoting Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei, or attacking their opponents. It's a virtual flood of media that's surprising even here.

How many times have we seen this ad on TV? You can watch it again HERE.

Haley Barbour, the Republican governor of Mississippi, touts his conservative credentials while in his home state. But he's been actively steering millions of dollars in Massachusetts to elect the most pro-homosexual, anti-family Republican governor and lieutenant governor candidates in America. Barbour leads the Republican Governor's Association (RGA), an independent political organization based in Washington, DC.

Last summer the RGA spent nearly $2 million on ads in Massachusetts, mostly attacking independent candidate Tim Cahill. During that time Barbour also came to Massachusetts as part of a national governors meeting in Boston. On Sept. 23, Barbour announced the kickoff of an additional $1.8 million ad campaign, which is now being aired. As a result of Barbour, Baker and Tisei don't have to raise that money themselves! (The RGA, in turn, is funded by corporations such as Fox News, whose parent company gave them $1 million this year.)

Baker and Tisei -- extreme anti-family Republicans

Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei represent the new uber-RINO left-wing country-club wave of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

From a fiscal standpoint, Baker was Gov. Bill Weld's budget chief during the expansion of the "Big Dig" -- the most expensive public works project in history. Need we say more? He also supported a prop 2 1/2 property tax override in his town as its biggest campaign donor. Richard Tisei was the only Senate Republican who voted against the tax rollback in May 2000, and he voted against several other bills to reduce taxes.

Both Baker and Tisei are energetic supporters of the homosexual movement. They both support homosexual "marriage" (and, of course, abortion). Baker told the Boston that he is "to the left of Barack Obama on social issues." He marched in the "Gay Pride" parade with a group of vicious homosexual activists. While Baker ran Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, the company earned a 100% rating by the radical homosexual group Human Rights Campaign, which requires company-paid sex-change treatments and surgery for that rating!

Richard Tisei recently "came out" as a homosexual, and was a co-sponsor of the oppressive Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill, which he promises to champion in the future.

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Why is the RGA supporting them?

There are 37 gubernatorial races in the US this fall. Why is Barbour pushing this one with such enormous energy and resources? Our efforts to contact the RGA to ask them unsuccessful. We were told by a D.C. insider that despite Barbour's façade of conservatism, he is (in that person's opinion) more of a cold-blooded politician when it comes to party politics. It would certainly seem so in this case.

What is better for Massachusetts?

We will be posting our full pre-election ratings and discussion with our next email. However, here's something to consider regarding these issues. There is no question that Gov. Deval Patrick is big public supporter of the homosexual movement and a horrible liberal in general. But Patrick did not include ANY of the homosexual lobby's financial requests -- including money for the gay programs in schools -- in either of his two state budget proposals. It was all put in by the Legislature afterwards. And Patrick actually vetoed some of it.

Baker and Tisei, on the other hand, are not only very passionate about the homosexual issue (and the abortion issue), but they would do much more damage if elected. Think about it: if they're marching with radical homosexual groups like "KnowThyNeighbor" before the election, you can bet that these groups would have free reign in a Baker/Tisei administration -- and pro-family groups would be completely shut out. And they have more to "prove" to those lobbies. Plus, Baker and Tisei would neutralize any opposition left in the Republican Party to these agendas, especially in the schools. In our opinion, things might be worse under them than Patrick.

And it would be the final purge of all social conservatism from the Massachusetts Republican Party. But . . . if they lost, the Party would likely have to start all over again and re-think these positions.

Take action:

The thing that everyone around the country can do is make their voices heard. Haley Barbour should not be deciding Masschusetts elections.

CONTACT Haley Barbour HERE  Tell him to STOP helping push the homosexual and pro-abortion agenda in Massachusetts by funding Baker and Tisei.

We are not endorsing any of the three candidates for Governor. But Baker and Tisei being in power would be a worse nightmare than we've ever experienced. The national RINO Republican establishment needs to stay out of it.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker (left) marches in Boston Gay Pride parade flanked by KnowThyNeighbor founders Tom Lang (center) and Alex Westerhoff (right).  Read more about them here.