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The dark side of the "transgender" movement: Powerful testimony for Transgender Bill hearing next week.

"My Daddy's Secret" -- a painful growing up

POSTED: June 3, 2011      Facebook  Twitter

The public hearing for the Massachusetts "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" H502 will be held in the State House next Wednesday, June 8. (See our flier HERE.)

The transgender movement has been flooding the legislators with their emotional stories and their general disinformation, including bitter complaints about "discrimination" and demands for transgender "civil rights".

But there's another side - the truth - that needs to be heard. It's about what this unfortunate and tragic disorder is really about, and how it harms the people engaging in it and the people around them.

MassResistance is getting together some testimony from around the country by people who can't make it to the hearing but have powerful stories to tell. The following testimony was sent to MassResistance from Denise Shick in North Carolina, who runs the valuable website Help 4 Families about transgenderism and its effects on people.

Denise Shick
Author of  "My Daddy's Secret," "When Hope Seems Lost,"
and "Families with Gender Identity"

Testimony in Opposition to House Bill H502
for Massachusetts Joint Judiciary Committee
June 8, 2011

At the age of nine my dad shared with me his desire to become a woman. He stated he had been sexually molested as a young child and continued sharing several sordid sexual details that no child should hear.

My dad told me that I would know if he was feeling like a woman when I would see him sitting with his legs crossed over as women do when they wear a dress. I believed I was to blame for his problem because I was a girl. I had great concern for my dad and at the same time I had lost my security. I was confused and hurt.

I had discovered my dad had a peek hole through the bathroom wall. Because of my dad's behavior I had lost my privacy in the bathroom. He watched me as I showered, dressed, did my hair and make up. There was no privacy when I would go to the bathroom at times. This was insane to me as he lived his desires through my very steps. As a child and young teenager I struggled with my own sexuality and questioned my own gender as I lived in this environment.

My dad's struggle had truly become my struggle as I fought for my freedom and my sanity. My dad caused emotional and physical pain when he started fondling my breasts. He would tackle me to the ground and grasp my breasts so tightly that it hurt. I remember thinking how wrong this was while he lay on top of me. My dad desired breasts so badly that he seemed to think by laying his body on top of my body he could fantasize that my breasts were his.

As a result of my personal experience I had struggled at times if life was worth living. I also struggled with prolonged and unresolved grief, Sadness, Shame of being a girl, Difficulties with intimacy and trust in relationships as well a sense of not belonging.

I found some relief as a teenager by becoming involved with drinking alcohol. I needed a way to escape and feel accepted by my peers, especially boys, since I had not felt accepted by my dad as his daughter or as a girl.

My father, although employed chose to spend his money on women's clothing. As a result, my siblings and I often had to pour water over our cereal instead of milk. There were times when I was hungry and could only find a raw potato to eat.

During a radio interview I was asked, "In what way was your life different then any other teenage daughter"? I replied "Most Teenage daughters do not need to worry if their dad had worn their bras and underwear while they were at school!!!

Because of my personal experience I have written a book titled "My Daddy's Secret" in order to bring a broader understanding of how the children are impacted. I have written the book When Hope Seems Lost to bring another step of understanding to families and leaders.

I also have a ministry that reaches out to the families affected by this issue. If you give special rights to special interest groups, there will be an increase in the harassment that is already occurring against the ex-transsexual, their families, and the ministries like mine. Who will be protecting our rights?

I ask that you do not approve House Bill H502 as this will be harmful to innocent children and young people who are most impressionable, just as I was. The unexpected consequences of this bill will affect children.

I ask that you consider the following reasons:

1) Bill H502 will put children at risk with sexual and gender confusion.

2) Bill H502 will open the door for pedophiles causing physical and emotional harm in young lives.

3) My dad violated my privacy until I was 18 and moved out of our home. No woman deserves that. This bill would violate women's privacy in restrooms lockers and shower just like my dad violated mine but now it would government mandated. Please vote no to H502.

Instead, I ask you to speak for therapy and alternative programs that would benefit people, like my dad and their families.

If you approve Bill H502 you will be encouraging this behavior at the children's expense.

Thank you.