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"This surgery is absolutely destructive" -- sad message from former transgender to warn others

What the activists don't tell you . . .

POSTED: June 16, 2011

The Transgender Bill hearing included a lot of well-rehearsed stories of discrimination and anguish by transgender activists because they're not accepted by society. Thus, they say, a law is needed to force that. (See our analysis of the Transgender Bill H502.)

But there's another, much darker side to that story that doesn't get out: The fraudulent and destructive nature of the transgender movement and the harm it does to vulnerable people.

But MassResistance was at the hearing to tell that side of it. As we mentioned in our last email, we were submitting testimony from the daughter of a man who "became" a woman, and testimony from a happily recovered transgender female.

Tragic story. Walt Heyer: At left as himself. At right as Laura Jensen.

We were also contacted by a Walt Heyer, a man whose surgery to "change" him into a female has had horrific long-term effects for him. We spoke with him at length. He was planning to come to Boston and testify personally, but at the last minute he wasn't able to, so he asked us to submit his testimony at the hearing, which we did.

Here's what he had us submit:

To the Massachusetts Judiciary Committee

Testimony regarding Bill H502

[Submitted at hearing by MassResistance]

June 8, 2011

by Walt Heyer

I'm a male-to-female transgender who lived and worked as Laura Jensen for years. I'm opposed to the Massachusetts Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill H502.

Changing genders is zany, exciting and fun at first, but many of us have discovered right away or years after changing genders that our lives turn to disappointment, sorrow and regret. The evidence of this extreme regret can be found in the staggering suicide rate for transgenders, reported to be 30 to 40%.

I am back to living as a male and I am happily married to a woman. But anatomically I'm not a male; I can't be. My birth record was changed and says female. My passport says male. This surgery is absolutely destructive. In fact, it is categorically impossible to change someone's gender.

There are a lot of males without male genitalia who are struggling terribly with this. And at least fifty percent of these surgeries are failures in some way. Your body is mutilated. It's not a good thing. It's a horrible thing.

Why are legislators more interested in passing more protective sex laws when the real need of transgenders is more help in prevention of suicide?

When they have such a high suicide rate, they're not getting the psychological treatment they need. And activist groups are trying to remove psychological evaluations for transgenders.

The advocates that are pushing for transgenders in schools to be able to have an extra bathroom or identify as any gender they wish -- they're pushing all the laws that are in my view what is actually killing transgenders.

People who want to change their genders have deep psychological issues. There's nothing normal about wanting to become a different gender. There's something desperately wrong with them and they need psychological help, and yet the advocates are trying to remove any required psychological treatment.

Homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders were not born that way, no, not at all. Despite an enormous amount of research being done, no scientific evidence can be found to substantiate this view, yet it is reported as fact. My new book, Paper Genders, provides a well-researched look in the homosexual activist movement and how everyone, including the media, runs and hides from this group of bullies and sexual predators.

The question is: Who has the courage and conviction to stand up for our young kids and our families?

If you go to my websites and you will find a lot more information.

Walt Heyer, formerly Laura Jensen
Author of Paper Genders
Carlsbad, California

Walt wrote this book to tell the world the truth about the transgender movement and his experiences. We are making it available to the Judiciary Committee. Let's hope they read at least some of it.

Note: Mr. Heyer will soon also release Paper Genders as an e-book, available online.