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Public hearing Thursday, May 30 in Mass. State House on school bills

Homosexual lobby trying to "update" anti-bullying law; MassResistance bill to confront intrusive sex surveys pushed on kids

POSTED: May 29, 2013

As usual, what starts in Massachusetts often makes its way across the country. Tomorrow, May 30, there is another public hearing in the Massachusetts State House before the Joint Education Committee on several school-related bills. Here is the official list. But there are two that are particularly important.

Homosexual lobby seeking to "update" school anti-bullying law--their third try

In 2010 when the Massachusetts Legislature passed the infamous "anti-bullying" school bill, we exposed the fact that the bill was largely crafted by -- and was primarily being pushed by -- the homosexual lobby.

We did our best to pressure the legislature not to include so-called "enumerated categories" -- which would mandate diversity training by types of possible victims, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. This would clearly be yet another Trojan Horse for more homosexual and transgender activism being pushed on students, under the aegis of "anti-bullying."

We were successful. In the final bill the "enumerated categories" were left out.

Then in the 2011-2012 session the homosexual lobby filed another bill specifically to put in the "enumerated categories." We fought that one hard, and it never got out of committee.

This year they're at it again, with even more "updates." They've filed bills S206 and H454 (identical bills in House and Senate) to include those "enumerated categories" into the law. In addition, there are other bills to "strengthen" the anti-bullying law, essentially pushing more of the left-wing agenda.

And we're back to fight it starting at the public hearing on Thursday.

MassResistance bill to protect children from intrusive & sexual surveys

Also in that same hearing is our important bill, H452, to protect students (and their parents) from outrageous, psychologically intrusive, and often sexually graphic surveys given to them without parental permission.

It's official title of Bill H452 is "An act regarding surveys in public schools." See the text and our description HERE.

This bill, written by MassResistance, has bipartisan support from legislators because people in both parties recognize how badly this is needed.

The bill would require parental notification and consent for questionnaires, surveys, and similar evaluations given to schoolchildren regarding certain private, personal and family issues.

Outrageous questions being asked students

The situation has become intolerable. Currently, thousands of students in middle schools and high schools are asked to fill out surveys on private, personal issues without their parents' knowledge or consent. The surveys include questions about heterosexual and homosexual activity, sexual orientation, drug use, criminal activity, personal questions about family members, suicidal feelings and attempts, violence, etc.

See some sample questions HERE that are being given to kids.NOTE: This is not by any means unique to Massachusetts. Most states are administering similar surveys.

Citizen input is very important! Can YOU come and testify?

Your participation is needed to confront both of these issues: the "anti-bullying" agenda by the homosexual lobby and the demand by parents to control the psychologically intrusive surveys given to their children!

If you live in Massachusetts and can come to this State House hearing on Thursday and testify for parents' rights, please contact us immediately! (Email us back or call 781-890-6001.) Your presence would be vital!

If you can't make it, you can send the Committee your testimony.