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Important hearing this Tuesday, July 16. Bill to ban children from receiving vital therapy to help deal with homosexual issues or abuse.

This will soon be in YOUR state!

POSTED: July 14, 2013

One of the big obsessions of the homosexual movement is the concept of being "born that way." That's the mantra that's constantly repeated. The complete lack of evidence doesn't stop them at all. But the growing number of ex-gays -- people who have been healed from their same-sex addictions -- greatly angers the movement.

Unbiased medical experts will tell you that homosexuality is very often a result of emotional wounds from either early sexual trauma (such as sexual molestation, exposure to pornography, etc.) or serious issues with one or both of their parents. Skilled mental health professionals can often successfully help people with same-sex attraction work out their issues and heal their psychological wounds. Like other types of deep-rooted addictive behavior, it usually takes effort. In addition, young people who have other emotional issues can be drawn into homosexuality by others. If youth can be helped when they are starting down the road to same-sex behavior, it can save them years of inner turmoil. Some of the success stories are very inspiring.

The radical homosexual movement wants to stop this. They want to make it illegal for young people to receive psychological counseling that challenges their homosexual (or transgender) "identity"! So the latest effort by their national lobby is to pass state laws across the country to ban such "reparative therapy" -- at this point for just children -- even if they and their parents want it!

A big national lobbying campaign

It has grown into a very well-funded and well-organized campaign. Last year they got it passed (and signed into law!) in California, although pro-family therapists are currently suing the state in federal court over this law. It recently passed the New Jersey legislature and is on the Governor's desk. Similar bills have been introduced in New York, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Tragically, they spin a slick, emotional barrage of lies and half-truths about the "dangers" of reparative therapy and push their bills with hard-hitting, professional lobbying.

Public hearing in Massachusetts this Tuesday, July 16

In Massachusetts, it was filed this year as H154 by "out" homosexual State Rep. Carl Sciortino (who once disrupted a Catholic Mass with his homosexual lover over the Church's stand on marriage). This coming Tuesday, July 16 at 1 pm, the public hearing for that bill takes place in the State House before the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities.

State Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Medford) is the national homosexual movement's main point man in the Mass. Legislature. Besides sponsoring H154, he also sponsored the original Transgender Rights law and many others. Here he is testifying at the July 9 Judiciary Committee hearing for the transgender "public accommodations" bill, which he also sponsored.

MassResistance has been networking with medical people and ex-gays across the country, and we will be there to testify. There will surely be a heavy presence by the radical homosexual community.

Unfortunately, that committee is chaired by Rep. Kay Khan (D-Newton) and Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Lexington), two of the most extreme leftists in the State House, and the most of the rest of the committee is just like them. But if you feel strongly about this, we think it's worth going and speaking your peace.

Public hearing: Joint Committee on Children,
Families, and Persons with Disabilities
When: Tuesday, July 16, 1-5 pm
Where: Room B-1, State House, Boston