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Public officials forced to react as MassResistance / Article 8 reveals pornographic homosexual "how-to" booklet given to hundreds of kids at Brookline High School by "gay" activists April 30, 2005

Written by Boston-based "AIDS Action Committee" with help from Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston Public Health Commission. Funded also by major corporations, universities, even charities.

Titled "The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st century", contains deadly misinformation on health.

At statewide "Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network" conference held at Brookline High School for children and teachers to promote homosexuality in schools, elementary through high school.

THIS IS THE SAME GROUP that organizes "Gay-Straight Alliances" and the "Day of Silence" in schools around the country! 

Click here to see the booklet given to kids >
(Caution: extremely gross and disgusting.)

Photos from the event -- Brookline High School, April 30, 2005.
Over 500 attendees, including hundreds of kids middle school age and older were present. Book was prominently distributed at the first table, right after registration, where everyone would be sure to go.

Deadly health misinformation in the booklet.  Statement by medical expert on sexually transmitted diseases. An instruction manual for death?

Here's where the funding came from!  This is very disturbing. It's not only your tax money at work. Corporate America and (major institutions) seem to be behind so much of this these days.

Spin control: If you're caught, just lie your way out!  Check out their progression of press releases. Homosexual groups at first claimed it never happened. Finally, when they had no choice, they were forced to admit the truth. Does this sound familiar?

Now the gays are telling the press that "only ten" books were brought to the conference. That is another blatant lie. We were told by someone who picked up the book that "a big pile" of books was on the table. (And there were probably more stored in boxes below the table.)  Unfortunately, the Boston media doesn't question that ridiculous assertion.  (Does that sound familiar?)

Some of the Boston media coverage:

(This was covered in virtually all the radio, TV,
and newspapers in the Boston area.)

WHDH TV-Channel 7 News report (video)

Boston Globe article
Rather sterile news story: "Explicit Pamphlets displayed at school. Health center regrets mistake."


Statement from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (Tues 5/17/05):

“This is not a state-funded publication. Graphic pornographic material on the gay lifestyle has no place in any school. While I agree that medically accurate information is essential in AIDS prevention efforts, this particular publication is grossly inappropriate and should never find its way into the hands of school-aged children.”

[MASSRESISTANCE/ARTICLE 8 REACTION: This is a curious statement. Not a state-funded publication?? At least three of the organizations that contributed to this booklet (including the AIDS Action Committee) get state money, as far as we can tell. School-aged children?? This booklet should not be given to anyone.]

Weasly statement from Brookline Superintendent of schools.
By reading this statement to parents, you can see that is a huge part of the problem. Out-of-touch school officials buy into the concept of pushing homosexuality to kids, as a "positive" experience.

A police investigation? Charges? Arrests?   The Brookline Police first told us they "didn't know what we were talking about" even though it had been in all the newspapers and talk radio stations. Then they told us they are "investigating" but we couldn't find out anything after that.   The Norfolk County District Attorney's office said they "aren't allowed to comment". The Governor's office? Brookline High School? Even now, no one seems to want to talk about it.

Brookline Police:   617-730-2222
William Keating, Norfolk District Attorney:  781-830-4800
Governor Mitt Romney:  617-725-4005
Brookline High School:  617-713-5000
Brookline School Superintendent:  617-730-2403
AIDS Action Committee of Mass:  ph. 617-437-6200 fax 617-437-6445
Fenway Community Health:  617-267-0900 or 888-242-0900
GLSEN Boston  ph. 617-536-9669 fax 617-236-0334



"The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century."  Handed out at Brookline High School April 30, 2005.

Front-page article in Boston homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" (May 19).  They admit the book was given to kids. What they don't admit is that this is just the tip of the iceberg!.

"We are deeply sorry that this happened," says gay organizer.  What they mean is -- they're sorry that they got caught!.