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PRESS RELEASE on New Jersey "anti-bullying" law:

NJ Orthodox Jewish Group: S2392 Will Impose Homosexualist Indoctrination on Public-School Children; While Media Demonizes Tea-Party, Talk-Radio, The Push Genuine Hate-Speech: Bible-Bashing in K-12.

For Immediate Release - January 11, 2011:
Contact: Rabbi Noson Leiter 845-642-1679 or 877-474-2863
Official Spokesman, Garden State Parents for Moral Values

(Lakewood, NJ) In wake of last week's signing of S2392 by the Governor of NJ, Rabbi Noson Leiter, Official Spokesman for Garden State Parents for Moral Values, issued the following statement: "On Dec. 29, ' 10, about a week prior to the signing of S2392, a delegation from Garden State Parents for Moral Values met with some top aides of Governor Christie in Trenton, urging a full, unconditional veto of the bill, conveying the following primary concerns:

  1. S2392 mandates a homosexlialist educational regimen which threatens Bible-believers in at least three ways: I. Firstly, S2392 establishes state-sponsored LGBT -indoctrination of public school children. The new educational requirement (section 26, referring back to an LGBT provision in the cross-reference) would expand pre-existing law, and thereby mandate teaching the acceptance and respect of sinful homosexual conduct, in K- 12. It subjects children, teachers, and staff to radical LGBT ideology, flying in the face of Torah admonitions to avoid such counter-Biblical influences. Thereby, the law threatens the religious liberties, as well as the parental and educational rights, of Bible believers within the public school system.
  2. "Secondly, our organization uncompromisingly opposes this bill -not in spite of our opposition to bullying - but precisely because of our opposition to bullying. This legislation will actually promote State-sponsored bullying. Children who adhere to the Biblical condemnation of homosexual conduct will be branded as outcasts, and risk disciplinary action, for merely expressing their Biblical beliefs. Thus, the law will catapult bullying from a schoolyard anomaly (albeit too common) to official school policy. Consequently, rather than suffer the trauma of a single student-bully, Bible-adherent children will be forced to endure bullying by teachers, social workers, scores of other students (and their parents), and others. along with any family discord that may result.
  3. "Thirdly, this law, if allowed to stand, will ultimately marginalize Bible-believers, tarring us as bigots. "This bill -written by LGBT activists -had been rushed through the NJ Legislature, and passed in a media- fanned frenzy. We conveyed our primary concerns -concerns shared by other pro-family groups representing the views of hundreds of thousands of NJ schoolchildren and parents. We know that the Governor understood these very serious objections, among many others presented by a diverse spectrum of groups. We are extremely disappointed and deeply troubled that the Governor chose to nevertheless sign this bill. Another bill (A3282), not yet voted on, would apply the standards of the NJ public schools to private and religious schools.

Going Forward:

1. " A historical perspective reminds us that the progressive media, along with the other elements of the opposition, will utilize any event, be it a suicide in NJ or a massacre in Arizona, to advance their agenda.

2. "For more information on how to counter homosexlialist legislation being advanced under the pretext of 'stopping bullying,' please contact us, or visit

3. "Parents: If you are concerned about threats to your child's religious liberties in school, please call us."


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