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MassResistance working with Orthodox Jewish groups in New Jersey to stop pro-homosexual "anti-bullying" bill

Signed by New Jersey's GOP Governor despite protests of parents and pro-family leaders

POSTED: Jan 23, 2011

On January 5 "conservative" New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie shocked the pro-family movement by signing a far-reaching pro-homosexual public school "anti-bullying" bill despite passionate objections from parents and religious leaders.

Over the last several weeks, MassResistance has been working with Rabbi Noson Leiter of Garden State Parents for Moral Values, which has has been coordinating an effort across New Jersey to confront this.

MassResistance was contacted by Leiter's group for help after the anti-bullying bill, Bill S2392, was passed by the New Jersey Legislature and went to Governor Christie's desk. Rabbi Noson's group has been using space on the MassResistance website for their press releases and announcements. We also worked with them on media promotion and strategy.

The new New Jersey anti-bullying law is touted by its supporters as the "toughest of its kind in the nation." It was largely written -- and tirelessly lobbied for -- by New Jersey Equality, the state's major homosexual lobbying group. Similar to the recent Massachusetts anti-bullying law, the supporters used recent teen suicides as a springboard to intimidate lawmakers into rushing it through the legislature without much challenge, using hysterical news coverage by a compliant mainstream press. And in the end, it got passed easily and signed by a so-called "conservative" GOP governor.

Pro-family groups outraged

Despite discussions with the Governor's staff about the dangers of this bill to religious freedom, the Governor decided not to go against the wave of hysteria or offend the homosexual lobby, and signed the bill.  Pro-family groups are outraged, and have been very direct in their criticism.

As Rabbi Leiter's Januray 11 press release described the bill:

"S2392 establishes state-sponsored LGBT -indoctrination of public school children. The new educational requirement (section 26, referring back to an LGBT provision in the cross-reference) would expand pre-existing law, and thereby mandate teaching the acceptance and respect of sinful homosexual conduct, in K- 12. It subjects children, teachers, and staff to radical LGBT ideology . . . Thereby, the law threatens the religious liberties, as well as the parental and educational rights, of Bible believers within the public school system. "

Members of Rabbi Noson's group outside of NJ State House during "gay marriage" debate.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin
of the Rabbinical Alliance of America (which includes Orthodox rabbis across New Jersey) said:

"This bill, written by LGBT radicals, is not truly about protecting children from bullying or anything else. It's about advancing the LGBT agenda in schools -- K-12."

Rabbi Levin outside of state capitol.

See Rabbi Levin's January 5 press release HERE

Greg Quinlan,
an ex-gay, of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, released the following statement when was signed:

"Governor Chris Christie has signed the "Anti-Bullying Bill Rights." This legislation is very bad. It really is the LGBTIQ indoctrination and protection act.

"It will not stop a single act of bullying nor would it have prevented the tragic suicide of Rutgers's' University student Tyler Clementi.

"In a rapid two weeks this bill was introduced, heard in committees of both chambers and then passed by both houses. The governor waited 45 days and then signed the bill. 80% of the legislation is an unfunded mandate. The rest is nothing more than protection for sexual deviance. However obesity, ectomorphism (very skinny), etc., is not covered. The governor was presented with many legal opinions that demonstrated the unconstitutionality of the bill in both US and NJ constitutions respectively.

"This legislation is been touted as a model for legislation in other states. "

And the pro-family movement in New Jersey isn't giving up. They are continuing to join with other conservative and religious groups and are publicizing the dangers of the bill as much as possible. And MassResistance is continuing to help them any way we can. We'll keep you informed on this.