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Infamous "Fistgate" conference:

Here is a sample of the workshops at the "Fistgate" conference . . .

This is a sample of the hideous workshops given at the "Fistgate" conference to both kids and teachers.  (See the conference program for the full list.)

You've got to read these for yourselves to believe it. This is what the homosexual movement is attempting to teach your children (and their teachers). It's also an interesting window into how they push this in your schools.

Ask the Transsexuals

Stacey Montgomery. Alyssa Marino, and Thomas K. Lewis, SpeakOut Representatives

Three brave and enticing transsexuals tell their stories and answer your questions about transgender issues.

Early Childhood Educators: How to Decide Whether to Come Out at Work or Not

Mona Posinoff, M.Ed., College Instructor and Adult Education Trainer

This is an interactive session for those involved in teaching and working with our youngest children. We will look at levels of safety, what holds us back, how to gain support and the ramifications of this issue when working with staff and families in the child care center.

Lesbian Avengers: How to Promote Queer Friendly Activism in Your Schools and in Your Lives

Maggie Malin, Boston Avengers, Project 70 East Board Member

This workshop will teach youth and advisors how to be active in constructive and safer ways. Come with your ideas and obstacles and we will brainstorm how to plan an action for your particular school climate.

Strategies and Curriculum Ideas for Addressing GLBT Issues in a High School English Curriculum

Frank Pantano, English Teacher, Boston High School; GLSEN/ Boston Board Member; Michael Kennedy. English Teacher, Newton South HS

This session will explore strategies and give examples of how to include and foster discussion of GLBT issues in your English curriculum. These veteran teachers will give examples of assignments and discussions they have used to make their classes inclusive of GLBT issues while teaching standard English Curriculum within their school's and the state's standards and frameworks.

The Struggles and Triumphs of Including Homosexuality in a Middle School Curriculum

Christine L. Hoyle, Special Education Teacher

The steps of expanding a Holocaust unit into a Diversity/ Anti-prejudice unit, inclusive of homosexuality will be outlined. Suggestions will be given as to how to get around roadblocks. Presenter will share unit and resources.

Why Gay People Need To Fight Racism: Making The Link Between Homophobia and Racism

Rheua S. Stakely. Consultant and Trainer on GLBT Issues

As gay people, we are in a unique position to understand and take action to reduce racism. We will discuss white privilege, subtle racism, and steps we can take daily to reduce racism in ourselves.

Youth Coming Out in High School

A Panel of Youth from the Massachusetts Governor's Commission Youth Speak Out Project

A panel of youth shares their experiences of coming out in different high school settings.

Diesel Dykes and Lipstick Lesbians: Defining & Exploring Butch/Femme Identity

Dawn Dougherty, Consultant, Trainer and Writer

Ever wonder what all the butch/femme fuss is all about? Join us at this FUN and interactive workshop to explore contemporary notions of butch and femme. Whether you were born butch, considering femme, or simply very curious/confused--you'll love this workshop.

It's Elementary in Our Town: Getting Gay & Lesbian Issues Included in Elementary School Staff Development, Curriculum Development, and the PTA

Liz Coolidge, Elisabeth Sackton, Meg Soens, and Kathie Keagul, Parents of elementary school children

How lesbian parents approached and worked collaboratively with school system administration to develop plans for integrating gay and lesbian issues in elementary anti-bias curriculum. How we approached multiple levels, integrated our goals with anti-bias curriculum and explicit core values of the Lexington Public Schools.

The Religious Wrong: Dealing Effectively with Opposition in Your Community

Leif Mitchell, Community Educator/Trainer for Planned Parenthood of CT, GLSEN/CT and GLSEN National Board Member

Facilitated by someone who follows the Religious Wrong "religiously,' this workshop will explore ways to counteract the messages used by the Wrong. Participants will learn exactly what the Wrong is saying about 'us' (and who that includes) as well as develop strategies to tackle opposition to teaching respect for all in your communities.

Putting the "Sex" Back Into Sexual Orientation: Classroom Strategies for Health Ed Sexuality Educators

Margot E. Abels and Julie Netherland, Coordinators, HIV/AIDS Program, Mass. Department of Education

What does it mean to say "being gay, lesbian and bisexual isn't about sex?" Where do queer youth get their information about sex and sexuality? How can we deny that sexuality is central for all of us? How do we learn to address the unique concerns of queer youth? What about the epidemiology and risk behavior data concerning sexual activity, HIV and pregnancy for queer kids? This workshop is for educators to examine strategies for integrating sexuality education and HIV prevention content specific to gay, lesbian and bisexual students into the classroom and GSA's. Data will be presented, exercises from the GSA/HIV Prevention Project will be shared and additional strategies will be discussed.

School's Out: Finding Support After School

A Boston GLASS (Gay. Lesbian Adolescent Social Services) Staff Member and a Panel of Youth

A panel of youth will share their stories and will talk about the value of having a safe place that isn't the streets or the clubs. Come hear about this program which provides groups, social events and a safe space for GLBTQ youth ages 13-25.

A Strategy to Educate Faculty: Lexington HS's GSA Presentation to Faculty

Melissa Buttaro, Guidance Counselor, GSA Advisor, Lexington High School; Michael Lerner, Science Teacher, GSA Advisor, Lexington High School; Student Members of the Lexington HS GSA

Come hear how the Lexington High School presented their needs and experiences to the faculty of their school. Members of the GSA will review materials that were given out, how their discussion and presentation of materials were structured and the results of this truly significant and meaningful day. This was a GSA who found a way to bring their issues from the students to the entire faculty in a manner that created incredible dialogue and change throughout the school.

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Community in Elementary Schools: Supporting Gay and Lesbian Students, Families and Staff

Robert Parlin, Teacher at Newton South HS, GLSEN/Boston Board Member; Laura Perkins, MSW, Franklin School and the Newton Early Childhood Program

Rationale for integrating glbt issues in the early elementary years will be presented. Guidelines for parent communication and interventions for name calling will be suggested and classroom lessons demonstrated.

From Lesbos to Stonewall: Incorporating Sexuality into a World History Curriculum

Michael Kozuch, M.Ed., World History Teacher, Newton South HS, Consultant

This workshop will explore the "whys" and "how tos" of incorporating discussions of bisexuality and homosexuality into a world history curriculum. As new research continues to uncover gay, lesbian and bisexual voices from the past, history teachers have a greater ability and responsibility to bring these voices to our students. We can paint a more accurate picture of history and make it more relevant to our students' lives.

Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) in Your School

Eric Pliner, Program Coordinator, Safe Schools Program for Gay & Lesbian Students, Mass. Department of Education

What are the purposes of a Gay/Straight Alliance, and what steps will you need to take to form one? Learn about GSAs, hear from student members of a successful GSA, create an action plan for starting a GSA in your school or bringing new life to one that currently exists.

What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex Ed Sexuality in Health Class (A workshop for youth only, ages 14-21)

Margot E. Ables & Julie Netherland, Coordinators, HIV/AIDS Program, Mass. Department of Education

This workshop for youth addresses what is different for glbt youth when it comes to sex, dating, relationships, HIV etc. Come and discuss the questions you couldn't or didn't ask in health class. What's it like to be young, queer and beginning to date? Are lesbians at risk for HIV? What does it mean to identify as queer and still be sexually active with the opposite sex? Who can you talk to about these things? And, why aren't queer issues addressed in Sex Ed classes? We will address the information you want about queer sexuality and some of the politics that prevent us from getting our needs met.

Tired of Knocking on the Administration's Door?

Kim Westheimer, Coordinator of Safe Schools Program for Lesbian and Gay Students, Mass. Department of Education

You know you want to create a safer school for glbt students in your school. You're committed and ready to go. Your frustration IS growing because it is so hard to get your administration or other potential allies to help you reach your goals. If this description sounds remotely like you, come to this workshop, let us know your frustrations and discuss strategies for creating change despite the resistance you've experienced. Expect to leave with specific achievable short-term goals that complement your vision for a better school. (This workshop will be limited to the first 15 people.)