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Framing the issue - How the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools.

How the homosexual movement uses lies and deceptions -- claiming "safety" and "suicide prevention" -- to get into the schools.

Originally posted Dec. 1, 1996
Updated April 6, 2015

The following is from a speech entitled "Winning the Culture War" by Kevin Jennings, who at the time was Executive Director of the "Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network" (GLSEN). It was delivered at the "Human Rights Campaign Fund Leadership Conference" -- a national homosexual activists' event -- on March 5, 1995.

The homosexual movement in the public schools has always been based on lies and deception. But until the mid-1990s, they were still having difficulty getting into the schools. Then they found the key to their huge success -- what they call "re-framing the issue". As a result, they've been able to persuade the Massachusetts Legislature to budget hundreds of thousands of public dollars for programs promoting homosexuality in the public schools. And their "gay-straight alliance" clubs, which started in Massachusetts, now are in hundreds of schools from Maine to San Diego.

In this landmark speech to the national gay movement, Jennings described how GLSEN and Gov. Weld's "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" brought homosexuality programs into Massachusetts schools by purposefully confusing the argument in order to intimidate critics. Since then, it's been used as a model for getting their propaganda into school districts across America. (In the first sentence, note the technique of marginalizing mainstream opposition as "the Radical Right.")

Framing the Issue in Massachusetts
by Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN
From a speech entitled "Winning the Culture War"
presented at the
Human Rights Campaign Fund Leadership Conference
March 5, 1995

"If the Radical Right can succeed in portraying us as preying on children, we will lose. Their language -- "promoting homosexuality" is one example -- is laced with subtle and not-so- subtle innuendo that we are "after their kids." We must learn from the abortion struggle, where the clever claiming of the term "pro-life" allowed those who opposed abortion on demand to frame the issue to their advantage, to make sure that we do not allow ourselves to be painted into a corner before the debate even begins.

"In Massachusetts the effective reframing of this issue was the key to the success of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. We immediately seized upon the opponent's calling card--safety--and explained how homophobia represents a threat to students' safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Titling our report 'Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,' we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This framing short-circuited their arguments and left them back-pedaling from day one.

"Finding the effective frame for your community is the key to victory. It must be linked to universal values that everyone in the community has in common. In Massachusetts, no one could speak up against our frame and say, 'Why, yes, I do think students should kill themselves': this allowed us to set the terms for debate.

"In Massachusetts, we made creating an environment where youth could speak out our number one priority. We know that, confronted with real-life stories of youth who had suffered from homophobia, our opponents would have to attack people who had already been victimized once, which put them in a bully position from which it would be hard to emerge looking good. More importantly, we made sure these youth met with elected officials so that, the next time these officials had to vote on something, there would be a specific face and story attached to the issue. We wanted them to have an actual kid in mind when they had to cast their votes. We won the final vote in the Senate 33-7 as a result."

The losers: parents and children

Now do you get it?  Parents are always astounded when they are told that the gay assemblies, gay-themed plays, gay clubs, secret counseling sessions, gay books, and other school-wide homosexual events are for "safety" and "suicide prevention."

In fact, none of these so-called suicide prevention programs have any legitimate medical or psychological basis. No one with actual credentials to deal with suicide, or even mainstream suicide-prevention groups such as the Samaritans, are ever involved. Yet, they're dealing with vulnerable children.

Upon examination, you see that all of these programs are simply put together by homosexual activists to normalize homosexuality in the minds of as many kids as possible -- and if possible without any parental knowledge or consent.

Why don't our public officials hold these up to the light, like other academic subjects, and objectively examine their content? We've asked that question a lot -- of school officials, teachers, and legislators. And we never get an answer. Actually, we know what the problem is. Too many of our public officials are intimidated by the homosexual movement, and are afraid to challenge them.

So they continue to get hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars from your legislature for their insidious programs in your public schools.  

From their website:

"The Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth was created by Governor William F. Weld on February 10th, 1992, in response to an epidemic of suicide among gay and lesbian youth. On October 7th, 1998, Governor A. Paul Cellucci expanded the powers of the Commission and renewed the executive office’s commitment to combat suicide and violence affecting gay and lesbian youth.

"Many of the difficulties encountered by gay and lesbian youth are within the jurisdiction of state government and can be corrected by the dissemination of information, training, and the implementation of formal guidelines and state policy.

"The Commission works in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to create school based and community based programs focusing on suicide prevention, violence intervention, and the promotion of zero- tolerance policies regarding harassment and discrimination against gay and lesbian youth."

What to do?

The homosexual movement cannot operate without using lies and deception. When the light of day is shown on their activities in the public schools, and when people are forced to objectively examine them, they are seen for the destructive things they are.

Parents must shine the light of day on these activities and loudly and forcefully demand that public officials get rid of them.

But unfortunately, until this happens, it's the children who are continued to be experimented on and used -- and it's the parents who are eventually left to pick up the pieces.

A final interesting note: In 1995, when the speech referenced above was given, GLSEN was officially known as GLSTN, "Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Teachers Network." This was a more accurate description of the organization, since it is in fact a mostly network of homosexual teachers working to bring homosexuality into schools. But being honest is bad public relations in this case. So soon afterwards, they changed their name to GLSEN - "Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network." Talk about framing the issue!