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MassResistance announces major new book: "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” now available. The book the pro-family movement has been waiting for.

Covers virtually every aspect of a subject ignored in today’s popular culture

Over 500 pages including 1800 links to medical sources

October 26 2016

This topic is difficult to take but necessary to understand.

For the last twenty years there’s been a fatal gap in the LGBT “culture wars” battles. Virtually nobody in the pro-family movement has been willing (or able) to confront the medical and psychological health problems surrounding LGBT behavior. In years of battles over “gay” clubs in schools, draconian anti-discrimination mandates, the “gay marriage” crusade, and now with the transgender agenda, the obvious has simply been ignored -- and countless people have needlessly suffered.

For anyone who’s ever seen a “gay pride” event (or worse) it’s the elephant in middle of the room. But too many people on the pro-family side are simply afraid and unequipped to take this on. Well, MassResistance isn’t afraid. It’s time for the facts to come forth!

After several years of research and hard work, our book on “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" is now available. This is the tool that every pro-family activist has been waiting for. With over 500 pages, this book covers virtually every aspect of a subject that is almost universally ignored in today's popular culture.

The book is now available as a Kindle/E-book on Amazon for only $9.95. The paperback version will be coming later (for a higher price). The e-book version is valuable for its instantaneous links to our sources.

A unique and essential resource for the lay person

There is an astoundingly disproportionate incidence of psychological and medical pathologies among homosexual men, lesbians, and bisexuals. Yet the general public is told very little, if anything, about the baneful nature of homosexuality and its associated addictions and behaviors that invite disease. Meanwhile, the popular culture tells us, “Look the other way; there’s nothing to see here.”

In fact, there is an enormous volume of information available, but it’s widely dispersed and often hard to find. This book brings together recent psychological and medical research in terms the layman can understand.

Sources include the CDC, medical professional groups, published medical research, media reports, and LGBT medical groups. Includes 1,800 endnotes with instant links to the sources.

Among the major topics covered:

  • Why homosexuality is a public health issue
  • The medical issues: Long list of diseases
  • The psychological issues: depression, pathologies, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance use, partner abuse
  • Shortened lifespans, chronic conditions, lower quality of life
  • The “normalcy” of BDSM (sexual sadomasochism)
  • The dangerous sexual practices of both homosexual men and lesbians
  • How HIV/AIDS and other STDs are re-emerging as an epidemic among homosexual men
  • The psychological and medical issues of transgenderism

Also included:

  • The politicized medical establishment
  • The “born gay” myth
  • Actual numbers: How many really identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual?
  • The “safer sex” lie
  • The false optimism on drug treatments
  • How the transgender agenda becomes child abuse

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality also looks critically at the medical establishment’s approach to this public health crisis. Certain practices simply cannot be done safely. Silencing that fact has resulted in immense suffering for the disease victims, their family, and friends – all of which is totally avoidable.

Dr. Paul Church, a urologist in Boston for over 30 years and a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty, has often sounded the alarm in the medical community – and has been attacked professionally for doing it. He informed us today that he’s been reading the book and likes it so much he will be writing a recommendation.

Browse through the book on the Amazon site and get your copy (Kindle edition) for only $9.95.


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