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Jennings' new job: Running a 21st-century Saul Alinksy-type community organizing operation based in Massachusetts

The GLBT agenda expanding on grassroots level?

POSTED: May 23, 2011

As Kevin Jennings comes back to Massachusetts we don't think that his basic mission is going to change. Unfortunately, we think it will expand, especially with his new connections in the federal government.

Kevin Jennings' obsession over the last twenty years has been pushing the homosexual and transgender agenda to kids. In 1993, Jennings designed the model for the Massachusetts Dept. of Education to push homosexuality in schools, which has spread across the country. (See our newly released report on that.) As a teacher in Concord, Massachusetts, Jennings started the one of the first school "gay straight alliance" (GSA) clubs and parlayed his network of homosexual teachers into the powerful, well-funded national organization GLSEN. He continued that focus in the US Department of Education.

On July 25, Kevin Jennings starts his new job in Cambridge, Massachusetts running Be the Change, a turbo-charged community-organizing organization founded by well-known Massachusetts liberal activist Alan Khazei. Khazei is the current president, but is leaving that post to run for US Senate against Scott Brown in 2012.

Be the Change, founded in 2007, is the latest generation of Khazei's community organizing enterprises.

In 1998, Khazei founded City Year, a service organizing for youth to "put their idealism to work" through "community transformation," which now has 22 offices across the US and also in London and South Africa, and has a number of high-profile corporate sponsors.

Be the Change is a step up, and includes adults as well as youth, and seems to be designed to fill a void in the left's arsenal: to take on cutting-edge issues on the grass-roots level -- to "be the change" to America.

Be the Change's website describes itself as:

Be the Change, Inc. is a nonprofit that creates national issue based campaigns by organizing coalitions of non-profits, social entrepreneurs, policymakers, private sector and civic leaders, academics, and citizens. Vibrant coalitions, collaborative policymaking, bipartisan advocacy, and galvanizing events and online outreach are hallmarks of Be the Change, Inc. campaigns. Our combined grasstops and grassroots approach engages well-known voices in entertainment, retail, government, and philanthropy-and, through their megaphones, Americans of all ages and backgrounds.

Bland but to the point, it appears to be of like a turbo-charged 21st century version of Saul Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation, which he first organized in 1940 and grew nation-wide.

Like Alinsky, they have already begun establishing front groups. As the website describes:

ServiceNation, the first campaign launched from Be the Change, Inc.'s platform with over 270 organizations in its coalition, helped to achieve the strongly bi-partisan Kennedy Serve America Act -- the greatest expansion of national service in our country in 60 years. ServiceNation also helped to inspire new service commitments from the entertainment industry, Mayors through Cities of Service, and a breakthrough partnership between the military and civilian service communities called Mission Serve. OpportunityNation, our second campaign, launching in 2011, will promote thoughtful, practical and bi-partisan solutions to increase opportunity and economic mobility in America.

Jennings as Be the Change's new president: More GLBT radicalism?

Kevin Jennings' skills in organization and propaganda, which propelled GLSEN into a national homosexual youth powerhouse, can make Be the Change into a national nightmare for pro-family activists. Pro-family groups, often centered around churches, have so far been able to stop many pro-gay bills in state legislatures win every gay-marriage referendum, often through being to mobilize greater numbers of people. Labor unions and political organizations have generally not been as effective in this arena. That advantage could now be in serious jeopardy.

This new model also provides an vehicle for massive doses of corporate and government money to go seamlessly toward directly organizing on the ground where needed, for the homosexual agenda. Thus, a probable goal is for Be the Change to be the Planned Parenthood of community activism.

Keynote speaker Kevin Jennings (right) at infamous "Fistgate" conference in March, 2000, holding conference program.

It's hard for us to believe that a person with Jennings' horrific background regarding homosexuality and children would be attractive to anyone. But the Left doesn't see it that way.

The Chairman of the Board of Be the Change is Josh Bekenstein, who is also Managing Director of Bain Capital (Mitt Romney's old company). Bekenstein had this to say:

We are delighted to draw a leader of Kevin's caliber to succeed Alan [Khazei]. His experience both leading a national nonprofit as well as working in the federal government makes him the ideal leader to take the reigns as Alan takes on new challenges.

Khazei said:

I'm excited to turn over the leadership of Be the Change to Kevin. Given the extraordinary depth and breadth of success he has had in his previous roles, I am confident Kevin will lead Be the Change and our programs to new heights.

New heights? We will continue to monitor this.