Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Information on the Referendum Petition

How to get started:  Contact us -- for everything you need to collect signatures for the referendum petition!  

NOTE: The deadline for getting these sheets into the town clerks is this Wednesday, October 15!  So don't mail them to us (the post offices are closed Monday for Columbus Day) -- contact us and we'll arrange to pick them up.

You can also download and print out:

  • Petition Sheets. The Secretary of State's office has informed us that it's perfectly legal to xerox or print out petition sheets from downloaded Adobe Acrobat files. However, they must be exact copies, on both sides. Download here.

  • Instruction Sheets. Instructions on collecting signatures, and what to do when you're done, etc. Download here.

  • About the issue: Why we're doing this.  Very important. Description of what the 1913 Law is, how it was repealed, and why we're out to stop it. You can also give these out to explain the issue to people. Download here.

  • If you're harassed while collecting signatures.  You and potential signers are protected by state and federal laws from being harassed, intimidated, or assaulted while collecting signatures. We're very serious about dealing with this. Download here.

  • Catholic Bishops' Statement on 1913 Law Repeal. On July 15, 2008 all four bishops in Massachusetts signed a strongly worded document opposing the repeal of the 1913 Law. Download here.

To sign individually, just print out a petition sheet, sign it, and contact us so we can pick it up.

More to come!