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Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center's phony "hate group" scam -- a tactic to intimidate and demonize conservatives across America

Wide range of groups, individuals, movements -- including MassResistance

POSTED: July 23, 2010  UPDATED Oct 1, 2010

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left group located in Alabama, has been spending millions of dollars to demonize conservatives across the country as "haters", "extremists", or otherwise dangerous to America.

A cross-section of conservative and religious Americans

SPLC's lists individuals such as Fox News commentators Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano; US Representatives Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann; journalists such as WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah and Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid; activists such as Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, attorney Orly Taitz, and many others including MassResistance.

In particular, the Tea Party movement has earned SPLC's strong wrath, which they attempt to portray as a possible terrorist threat.

SPLC also targets conservative and religious groups across America, including pro-family groups, Christian groups, anti-illegal immigration groups, and pro-life groups. The most prominent anti-illegal immigration group, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is on the SPLC's "hate group" list.

Also included are Traditional Values Coalition, Illinois Family Institute, Abiding Truth Ministries, Americans for Truth, and many others. When questioned, the SPLC gives criteria that are so broad that just about any group could make the list.

We think that MassResistance is included because of our high profile as a pro-family group in Massachusetts and our national exposure on these issues. At one point we actually called the SPLC office and asked them for an explanation. They couldn't come up with anything specific, we were simply told that they've determined that we "demean" people.

Attempts of guilt by association

One of their particularly odious tactics is to publish lists of Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, and white supremacist groups (most of which may not actually exist) and insert among those the names of conservative and religious groups, for a psychological effect of "guilt by association." Then SPLC notifies news agencies of the "lists" of their area.

Thus, the SPLC itself has become a major purveyor of hate in America. It's clear that SPLC's true agenda is to stop political expression and debate that it doesn't like.

Widely discredited

As a result, the SPLC has been widely discredited across the political spectrum. Reason Magazine recently wrote: "The Southern Poverty Law Center ... would paint a box of Wheaties as an extremist threat if it thought that would help it raise funds." In 2000, Harpers Magazine said "The SPLC spends most of its time--and money--on a relentless fund-raising campaign, peddling memberships in the church of tolerance with all the zeal of a circuit rider passing the collection plate."

Not surprisingly there are only conservatives on their "hate" lists. No major left-wing groups, no labor unions, etc. No gay groups despite the rampant hate across the country directed at churches and individuals after the Proposition 8 vote. And there are probably hundreds of jihadist Islamist groups in the US which could have made the list. But it's basically a sham to demonize conservative groups and individuals.

SEE FULL REPORT on Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate" scam on America:  Scoial Contract magazine recently devoted an entire issue to exposing the SPLC. Read their Spring 2010 issue HERE.

This will really open up your eyes!

Shameful actions by people who know better

It's shameful that this absurd "charge" continues to be maliciously repeated by those who know better but cannot defend their positions by legitimate means, and even mainstream media reporters. By going along with SPLC's "hate list" agenda, these people are destroying their own credibility and helping poison the overall public discourse.