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MassResistance releases new, updated version of shocking booklet: "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts"

. . . It's far worse than people realize!

POSTED: August 2, 2012

We have released our new version of "What same sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts." expanded from the original 2008 version. This booklet exposes the shocking and outrageous changes that have taken place throughout society in Massachusetts since the infamous Goodridge court ruling imposing "gay marriage."

Most people don't know what really happens when "gay marriage" is imposed on the people of a state. And the homosexual lobby wants to keep it that way. As elections are about to take place on "gay marriage" in four states this fall, and as legislators in others are poised to impose it on their citizens, people are woefully in the dark on this issue.

The new version - over twice as big!

Over twice as big as the previous version, it documents more shocking, outrageous things that most people even in Massachusetts don't know about.

This is now the official marriage certificate in Massachusetts!

What citizens across the country don't know can hurt them! MassResistance reveals what "gay marriage" has brought to Massachusetts over the last eight years. It should be required reading for every voter in a state where "gay marriage" is on the ballot, or is being debated in their legislature.

This includes: The homosexual propaganda that children are now force-fed in the public schools. Businesses that can no longer operate according to their religious principles. Draconian government tribunals punishing those who disagree. Disastrous (and expensive) public health problems. Radical changes to employment and family law. Tax dollars funding more "gay" programs. Doctors in hospitals who are threatened with firing if they raise medical concerns about homosexual behavior. And the escalation to "transgender rights and hate crimes" laws.

There are sections on:

•  The public schools
•  Public health
•  Hospitals
•  Domestic violence
•  Business and employment
•  Legal profession and judicial system
•  Adoption and birth certificates

•  Government mandates
•  The public square
•  Churches being harassed
•  The media
•  Politics
•  Rule of law
•  And more.

For example: Most people across America don't know that in 2007 a federal judge ruled that because of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts, schools have an obligation to present homosexuality as normal -- even in elementary school -- and parents have no right to opt out or even be informed of what their kids are being taught.

You can read it (and download it) HERE.
(You can also buy copies in booklet form)

Over the past week we've made it available to activists in Illinois, where the legislature is dealing with this issue. The Illinois Family Institute is preparing to send copies to every Illinois state legislator.

And earlier this week, it was passed out at a big meeting/marriage information rally in Maryland.

This book, which uses stories and pictures to portray homosexual relationships to young children as completely normal, was given to kindergartners in Lexington, Mass. When parents objected, the school overruled them and a federal judge agreed, citing the recognition of "gay marriage" in the state.

The original version - used by pro-family citizens from Hawaii to Maine!

Back in October 2008, the Proposition 8 campaign in California -- to stop same-sex "marriage" -- was getting tight. A group of activists in California contacted MassResistance and asked us to give them some ammunition to use in the fight across the state. "We want some facts that we can show people about what this really does," they asked us. "What can you tell us about what happened in Massachusetts?"

We put together an article, which became a pamphlet, documenting how same-sex "marriage" had already affected Massachusetts. We sent it to them and others around the country. It quickly caught fire! Thousands of copies were distributed as fast as people could print or email them. Within days we were on the radio across California and also in Florida, which was also having a marriage referendum. Activists told us that in our information made a difference in getting the word out!

After those 2008 elections, it continued to be used in other states as more "same-sex marriage" issue came up across the country.

Here are a few more examples of where that original pamphlet was used:

  • Iowa: Our pamphlet was distributed across the state. One person published it as a full-page ad in a local newspaper. Subsequently, three pro-"gay marriage" judges were voted out of office!
  • Hawaii: In February 2009 a major "civil unions" bill was up before the Hawaii legislature. We supplied the pamphlet to activists and also legislators. The bill was killed. The following year a Hawaii state senator phoned to thank us for providing the material to successfully stop a "gay marriage" bill in his committee.
  • Maine: The week before the November 2009 referendum which overturned their new "gay marriage" law, a printout of the pamphlet was mailed to 200,000 homes across the state. We also held a press conference that final week in the Maine State House with activists, further highlighting the information in the pamphlet.

    Press conference in Maine State House during week before "gay marriage" referendum. Brian Camenker of Mass-Resistance (right) and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (left).

  • Rhode Island: In March, 2011, a "gay marriage" bill was brought up in the Rhode Island Legislature. Activists brought us to the hearing. We testified and then gave a copy to all the legislators, and also helped activists use the information. The bill was defeated.

    Brian Camenker of Mass-Resistance (left) with Hispanic church leader in Rhode Island State House during "gay marriage" hearings, March 10, 2011.

  • Maryland: In March 2011 activists distributed the pamphlet and used the information in their successful effort to stop a "gay marriage" bill in the legislature. (Unfortunately, it was brought up again this year and passed. So activists are now getting signatures for a state-wide referendum this November to overturn it!)

It's also been used in New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Delaware, and several other states.

Don't let the homosexual movement hide the truth!

Homosexual activists like to say to people across the country that "the sky didn't fall" in Massachusetts. Well, read it for yourself. We can't stress enough how the long-term effects of imposing "gay marriage" force offensive and destructive changes on society. We hope this new version helps educate people even more!