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MassResistance presents powerful 26-minute video on what 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts

Responding to requests: A tool for individuals, groups, and churches.

POSTED: October 9, 2013
UPDATED: February 11, 2015

In response to requests from pro-marriage activists around the world MassResistance has produced a comprehensive -- and shocking -- 26-minute video on the depth of how "gay marriage" has affected Massachusetts. The video vividly expands on our popular booklet "What same-sex 'marriage" has done to Massachusetts," which has been distributed across the US and in several other countries. And it contains a lot of new material.

It is also posted on YouTube.
DVDs also available - email us for info.

Simply put, its designed to be a tool for individuals, activist groups, and churches to help show the unvarnished and disturbing consequences of "gay marriage" on a society once it's forced on the population.

The video is packed with not only descriptions, but actual first-hand documents, photos, and footage. Much of it exclusively shot by MassResistance or gathered in our undercover research, as well as from public documents.

It covers these major topics:

  • The public schools
  • The legal profession and judicial system
  • Politics and government
  • Hospitals and public health
  • Churches
  • The slippery slope -- further consequences affecting children and society

Much of this has been under the radar of most people even in Massachusetts, and outrages them when they realize what's been happening!

Soon after "gay marriage" came to Massachusetts, the booklet shown here was given to out to high school students in school. It's published by a national homosexual activist organization, and was meant to normalize homosexual marriage in the minds of youth.

Within a year of the "gay marriage" ruling the State of Massachusetts
brought in a national homosexual group to re-train the state's adoption
and foster care workers to accept homosexual behavior. This was their
slogan when they came here:

Video is needed now we were told!

The idea of a video had been percolating for a while. Several activists and groups in the US and overseas had been asking about our doing it.

But it really came to happen late last month. In early September 2013, reacting to the new "gay marriage" threat there, a pro-family leader in Australia contacted MassResistance and invited Brian Camenker to personally come to Australia to make a series of speeches in major cities over a 10-day period.

Following that original contact were various phone conversations and conference call with other pro-family leaders discussing strategy. From that, it was finally decided that it would be much more effective to have a comprehensive yet hard-hitting video that could be distributed much more widely and thoroughly. However, such a project is very time-critical, so we went right to work on it as quickly as we could.

This exhibit was set up in middle schools and even elementary schools across the state. It's purpose is pretty obvious. Since "gay marriage" was here, this is the message they felt young kids needed to get.

Besides the YouTube video, we are also making this into a DVD which will be available very soon.

We are pleased to make this video available to everyone. As always, we at MassResistance feel strongly that the truth must get out. We hope that as many of you as possible can make good use of it!

During "gay pride week" every year, the Boston City Council now flies the rainbow flag over City Hall.