Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

David Parker addresses 20,000 at massive march and rally in Puerto Rico, with blanket TV coverage, as citizens take to streets over proposed “civil unions” law!

"You need a zero tolerance policy," Parker tells crowds.

Huge crowds marching toward the Capitol building in Puerto Rico to hear David Parker.


SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (JUNE 10-12, 2007)  David Parker addressed a rally on the steps of the Capitol building following a two-mile march through the streets of San Juan by Puerto Ricans from across the island. Police estimated the crowds at over 20,000 people. The event capped a three-day speaking tour of the island to warn Puerto Ricans about what the homosexual agenda will do in their schools and in society. 

Puerto Rico’s legislature is considering a sweeping homosexual “civil unions” law, which has infuriated citizens who became energized to take swift and forceful action.
The march, rally, and David Parker’s appearances were covered extensively by all five of Puerto Rico’s TV stations, three radio stations, plus newspapers and other media.

Parker was brought to Puerto Rico by Coalicion de la Familia, the island’s largest pro-family organization, which also was the lead organizer of the rally.  During his three-day stay, Parker also spoke at churches, pro-family groups, and news conferences across the island.

In April, 2005, David Parker was arrested and brought to jail over the refusal of school officials to notify him when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with son in Kindergarten. The incident made national news here in America, and the continued refusal of Lexington, MA school officials has brought on a federal Civil Rights lawsuit from the Parkers and another family, the Wirthlins.

Across the island David Parker was given a hero’s welcome and Puerto Ricans were eager to hear his message.  Parker warned them that elevating homosexual behavior to a status equivalent to marriage will bring a flood of homosexual books, lessons, and other indoctrination into the schools – as has happened in Massachusetts.

“You must have zero tolerance for this,” said Parker, “or they will be marketing sodomy to your children. No one has to tolerate state officials invading familial privacy, denigrating faith, and dictating their contorted view of 'morality' to impressionable children behind the backs of parents. We will continue defending the innocence of children and our parental rights to guide their upbringing -- as long as it takes."

During the rally at the Capitol steps, a group of Legislative leaders who had not been previously invited -- and had not supported the pro-family position -- reacted to the will of the people and came on to the stage and publicly pledged that they would stop the measure from moving forward.

The display of outrage by Puerto Rican citizens, which was particularly directed at the Legislature, appears to have had a big effect. The change to the civil code seems to have been put off indefinitely.

A lesson for us?

Parker observed that, compared to many Americans, the average Puerto Ricans are less afraid of name-calling by the left, and much more willing to be outspoken with the truth, and to publicly stand by their religious beliefs.  This rally was unquestionably an impressive show of citizen action.

As soon as David Parker got to Puerto Rico, the TV coverage began. At entrance to one of the major stations.


Inside the studio David (right) about to be interviewed.


One of the press conferences.


David Parker on Puerto Rico television.


Also on television: Pro-family groups sponsored TV ads warning the public about the homosexual agenda! Scene from homosexual storybook targeting children.


Posters like this one advertising the rally were all over Puerto Rico!


On the day of the march and rally Puerto Ricans showed solidarity by writing "100% Familia" on their car windshields!


People arrived by the busload for the 2-mile march, followed by the rally at the Capitol.


Thousands begin the march in San Juan.


The beginning of the march to the Capitol.


One of the banners that led the march.


A sea of white "one man one woman" T-shirts.


You don't need to know Spanish to figure out what they're saying!


Marchers approaching the Capitol.


A view from the Capitol steps looking outward as people begin to gather.


David Parker (center) with his interpreter (left) and bodyguard (right) just before the rally. The two of them traveled with David over the three days.


On the Capitol steps,a band starts things off.


A legislator speaks.


David Parker (with interpreter) gives an earthshaking speech!


These legislative leaders came up to the podium and publicly pledged that the "civil unions" law would not go forward!


Talking to the press afterwards...


Drawing a line in the Puerto Rican sand!