Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

The Mass. Legislature to has voted allow out-of-state "gay" couples to legally "marry" in Massachusetts -- then go back to their home states!

The House voted overwhelmingly to do this .  Maybe they need to hear from YOU!

Here's how you can contact the state reps who voted YES to repeal:

  1. If you have a Massachusetts address, then you can use our new service which allows you to send emails or faxes to House members!  (It gives them something to hold in their hand.) Click HERE.
  2. You can also email the House members this way (we've broken the 119 up into 4 groups):
              Email 1st group of state reps
              Email 2nd group of state reps
              Email 3rd group of state reps
              Email 4th group of state reps
  3. Everyone: Call House Speaker Sal DiMasi 617-722-2500  (web site). He sold America out to the homosexual lobby. He forced it to be voted on when many reps wanted to leave it alone.

Here's a sample message for these legislators 

(By all means, feel free to edit it or substitute your own . . . )

(More information here.)

"Your vote to repeal the '1913 Law' is insulting."

This will cause havoc across the in other states and will destabilize marriage laws here. You are purposefully exporting 'gay marriage' and all its problems across America.

Your selfishness in pushing this social experiment is beyond belief. I will do everything in my power to oppose your future re-election.

Thanks for your activism!!