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Amy Contrada's new articles exposing Romney's Massachusetts record getting national notice

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POSTED: March 12, 2012

Being in Massachusetts, we see the pro-family political issues here up close. And during the Romney years that was especially true. Unfortunately, if we hadn't been here to document things — and follow them up as current events evolve — there's a lot that people simply wouldn't know. This is especially important as the presidential primaries heat up.

Over the last few months MassResistance researcher Amy Contrada has published a number of very informative (and troubling) articles regarding the true record of the Romney administration. (And don't miss her e-books, readable on your computer.) These articles have been linked or reprinted across the Web in conservative websites such as,, and various conservative blogs. They're also linked on our Mitt Romney Report, to which Amy is a big contributor.

But in case you missed them, here are some of the most recent ones:

Amy takes to the airwaves:

HEAR: interview with Amy Contrada on KKMS Radio AM 980 in Minneapolis Feb. 24, 2012.

Salem Radio Interview

See our updated Mitt Romney Report with more info and links to articles on many topics.

We've added a lot of new research, links, and other material to our nationally famous Mitt Romney Report page.

Our compendium is near the top of the of Google search results for Romney's record -- often at the very top. That tells you something about how poorly the mainstream media (including "conservative" outlets) are doing on vetting this candidate -- as well as the importance of our work over the years. More and more activists, researchers, and journalists are using it as a resource.

The report includes these areas:

General documentation
Romney Books by Amy Contrada
"Gay marriage" in Massachusetts
Homosexual agenda
Buying off politicians & groups
Other issues as Governor
Campaign antics
Big money, Bain Capital

(And don't miss the photo at the end, which sums it all up.)