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Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to AIDS Action Committee in 2004.

Radical homosexual "health" organization is publisher of "The Little Black Book," and much more.

Caution: some of the descriptions below (from the AIDS Action Committee website) are very disturbing.

Did Mitt Romney, while Governor of Massachusetts, donate $10,000 to an organization without knowing what it does? Hard to imagine, even if you're a multimillionaire. In 2004, he donated to the "AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts", a radical homosexual "health" organization. This was four times the amount he gave to an organization promoting abstinence among teen girls, "Best Friends Foundation," in 2003.

The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts pushes the myth of "safer sex" for homosexuals (and also for "transgenders" and transsexuals) while not promoting abstinence, nor helping people engaged in those behaviors become free of those addictions.

Their message generally boils down to "try to be careful, but you don't have to let your pleasures be stifled." This philosophy extends to a wide range of destructive sexual practices and promiscuous behavior. It is not the humanitarian outreach that one might imagine -- though some of its resources go to humanitarian aid for HIV/AIDS patients (the eventual victims of that same philosophy). But no informed conservative (or any responsible person) would give to the group if they examined what it does.

The following are just a few of the activities of the AIDS Action Committee.

The "homosexual activist" approach to AIDS

Suffice it to say, what the AIDS Action Committee tells people is at odds with any traditional public health approach to containing the spread of a deadly disease.

The following is an excerpt from the AIDS Action Committee web site. None of the things below reliably stop the spread of AIDS.

Oral Sex

The best way to reduce the risk of HIV transmission while performing oral sex is to maintain good oral hygiene. That, in addition to not flossing or brushing your teeth right before or after will also reduce the risk of transmission.

Performing Oral Sex on a Woman

When performing oral sex on a woman, a dental dam or common kitchen plastic wrap can be used as a barrier to protect from HIV transmission. If you do not have a dental dam, you can also use a new, unused, non-lubricated or flavored condom by stretching it out and cutting it down the side, then stretching it out in the same way you would a dental dam or plastic wrap.

Performing Oral Sex on a Man

In addition to good oral hygiene, proper use of a non-lubricated or flavored condom on a man can significantly decrease risk of HIV transmission. If a condom is not available or an option, not accepting semen into the mouth or spitting rather than swallowing will reduce the risk. You can also use the "harmonica method" by focusing on the shaft of the penis while avoiding the head.

Performing Oral Sex on the Anus (Rimming)

For oral to anal contact, or rimming, a dental dam, plastic wrap, or a condom can be used in the same way described above under the heading “Performing Oral Sex on a Woman.” This can be a great barrier against not only HIV, but possible Hepatitis A exposure.

Supporting "Bondage and Discipline"

AIDS Action was a sponsor of a recent "New England Leather Alliance" event at a Danvers, MA hotel. This was a how-to conference on BDSM practices ("bondage / discipline / sadomasochism", whips, chains, torture, cross-dressing, etc.). AIDS Action advertised in the conference program. Does Romney support BDSM instruction?

Advocating clean needle program - which Romney later vetoed

While Romney vetoed the "Clean Needle Program", including over-the-counter sales of syringes, the AIDS Action Committee was a major advocate for the program in Massachusetts, and it was a lynchpin of their HIV/AIDS "prevention" program which Romney earlier claimed to support.

Fights against abstinence-only education in schools

AIDS Action strongly opposes abstinence-only education in the public schools, which Romney said he supported.

Speakers in public schools with destructive message.

Instead of abstinence education, AIDS Action Committee runs a youth outreach program, run in partnership with Planned Parenthood, in which they send HIV-positive "educators" into public schools, and also summer camps and other places teens gather. They claim to convey an HIV "prevention strategy" to young people. Is this "strategy" to "use condoms"? In the high school assemblies we've personally sat through, the presentations are extremely vulgar and the message is "use condoms" -- which are extremely unreliable against AIDS.

P.U.M.P. and collaboration with gay hookup sex sites.

AIDS Action collaborates with, and apparently contributes to "Cambridge Cares About AIDS", which administers a "clean needle" program; and has a program called "Peers Using More Prevention" or P.U.M.P. As their website describes:

CCA's Peers Using More Prevention (PUMP) is a peer-based outreach program for men who have sex with men throughout Greater Boston. The goal of the program is to offer non-judgmental HIV prevention and education, substance use counseling, and peer support to gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, or gay-for-pay men . . . P.U.M.P. is proud to collaborate with hookonline.org, rentboy.com, and manhunt.net" [anonymous "gay" hookup sex sites].

This basically spreads the message that engaging in the various types of homosexual sex acts is fine, as long as you try to take some precautions. They don't warn the people that these sex acts themselves are very dangerous and self-destructive. Imagine if the same message was given to smokers: "Feel free to smoke, but try to use filtered cigarettes."

The readers of the P.U.M.P. web site note that they can volunteer for an "outreach" at "Youth Pride" - the event sponsored and celebrated by the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Governor Romney issued proclamations promoting and celebrating "Youth Pride" in 2003 and 2004. Youth Pride events continued during his last two years in office, when the Commission was still under his control.

MALE Center - introducing college boys to the gay subculture

The AIDS Action Committee's "MALE Center" targets Gay and Bi College Men with programs to immerse college boys new to Boston in the active "gay subculture" in the city... and this is what Romney supported with his donation:

The MALE Center Gives Boston Primer For Gay and Bi College Men On Sep. 15 and 17:

BOSTON, Sep. X, 2005 Homework doesn't have to be painful. For example, The MALE Center, a program of AIDS Action Committee, is offering two orientation sessions for gay and bisexual college men who are either new to Boston or unfamiliar with all it offers. Titled "Gay Guy's Guide to Boston: COLLEGE EDITION," the course runs on Thu., Sep. 15 from 2-4 p.m. and on Sat., Sep. 17 from 7-9 p.m. Both sessions will be held at The MALE Center at 571 Columbus Avenue in Boston's South End. "Attending our sessions will be like having your own city tour guide or Julie, the cruise director on The Love Boat," said Benjamin Perkins, Director of The Men's Action Life Empowerment (MALE) Center, the CDC-funded program that provides HIV and health navigation in a community center setting. "We created The Gay Guy's Guide to make it easy for men in the community to navigate the city's diversity and variety with ease, as we would do to welcome family members."

The director of the AIDS Action Committee "MALE Center" has stated that a "get tough approach" on "risky sexual behavior" is not (in his opinion) an effective public health strategy, counter to virtually all traditional public health approaches.

And finally, the hideous Little Black Book

The AIDS Action Committee published the Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century, described by the Boston Globe (see box upper right) as one of its "graphic educational pamphlets depicting sadomasochistic acts by gay couples." So-called "safer sex" is supposedly the premise of the booklet, though it states that it's more "fun" to have "unprotected" sex, plus it assumes and essentially encourages multiple partners and anonymous sexual encounters. It concludes with a directory of gay bars in Boston, and thanks the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health for its help in producing the booklet. (No publication date is given.)

The Mass. Department of Public Health was under Romney's control between 2003-2006, including the time this booklet was distributed to children at a GLSEN conference at Brookline High School in April 2005. Romney rather narrowly criticized the Little Black Book after MassResistance exposed its distribution at the GLSEN conference:

Statement from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Little Black Book (Tues 5/17/05): "This is not a state-funded publication. Graphic pornographic material on the gay lifestyle has no place in any school. While I agree that medically accurate information is essential in AIDS prevention efforts, this particular publication is grossly inappropriate and should never find its way into the hands of school-aged children."

Note that Romney said only that the booklet should not be available in schools. Does that mean it should be available elsewhere? He did not object to its "graphic pornographic material on the gay lifestyle" being otherwise available, nor did he question the medical accuracy of its information. While Romney stated the LBB was not a state-funded publication, at least three of the organizations that contributed to it (including the AIDS Action Committee) get state money, as far as we can tell.

To say the least, Mitt has a lot of explaining to do before he can call himself a conservative.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino at AIDS Action Committee "Pride" event. [Source: AIDS Action Committee website]


    Reported in the Boston Globe . . .

Romneys listed as big givers to charity

The Boston Globe
Aug. 28, 2005

"…Romney, a multimillionaire who is considering a run for president in 2008, was also quite generous to groups in Massachusetts. He gave … $10,000 last year to the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts … One of the recipients of the Romneys' charity, the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, has drawn fire for producing graphic educational pamphlets depicting sadomasochistic acts by gay couples. Romney denounced the distribution of one of the group's booklets at Brookline High School earlier this year, saying 'graphic pornographic material on the gay lifestyle' should not be available in public schools. Regarding the donations to the AIDS Action Committee, Fehrnstrom said, ''The AIDS Action Committee is the largest AIDS service organization in Massachusetts, and the governor's donation is meant to support prevention and treatment of this disease.' "

Read entire article here.