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Massachusetts anti-bullying law

"Anti-bullying" law: a front for more homosexual activism in public schools. As a tool against bullying is basically ineffective, oppressive, and very costly.

Gov. signs "anti-bullying" bill, most comprehensive in America. Opens door to more gay activism in schools. Includes private schools. Already criticized by ACLU. Behavioral researchers say it won't work.

Text of new anti-bullying law.

After it was passed: Gay lobby wants more, Globe reveals it's ineffective

Homosexual activists flood State House public hearing to change anti-bullying law. Pushing to require special protections for homosexuality and "gender identity" in schools. Photos 11-9-2011

(Liberal) Boston Globe columnist reveals how new school anti-bullying law is completely ineffective 7-7-2010

Relentless campaign for bill by special interests in media and State House

ADL and radical homosexual groups worked with House members to craft anti-bullying bill.  Includes two groups that terrorized a church in downtown Boston. 3-24-2010

Media campaign by special-interest groups supporting "anti-bullying" bills - in cooperation with liberal reporters & editors. Biased "news" articles planted in Globe, Herald, TV, radio. A lesson in media propaganda. 3-12-2010 (original 11-27-2009)

MassResistance counters testimony from gay groups, special interests at overflowing public hearing on "anti-bullying" bills on Nov. 17. Photos & video 11-23-2009 (updated 3-10-2010)

"Anti-bullying" bills: a front for more homosexual activism in public schools. Parents want help, not more pro-gay propaganda. 11-11-2009 (updated 12-3-2009)

Evolution of anti-bully bill as it went through Massachusetts Legislature

"Anti-Bullying" campaign in Mass. Legislature. Index to MassResistance reports and analysis. 4-18-2010 (original 12-2-2009)

Anti-Bullying bill in Conference Committee. Will it include the radical sections parents fear? 4-9-2010

Analysis of "anti-bullying" bill H4571: In unanimous vote Mass. House caves in to gay lobby. Adds GLSEN homosexual school guidelines; requires diversity training to school staff; extends bill to include private schools; fines and jail terms for kids; etc. 3-24-2010 (updated 4-18-2010) Text of bill.

Text of House version of "anti-bullying bill" H4571. Passed unanimously by House on March 18. 3-21-2010

Analysis and text of Bill S2323 – "anti-bullying" bill passed by Mass. Senate on Thursday, March 11. 3-12-2010 (updated 3-24-2010)

Victory: Draconian language removed from "anti-bullying" bill in Mass. Senate. Would have criminalized criticism of homosexuality. Bill now moves on to House. Text is still troubling. 3-14-2010

Mass. Senate to vote on draconian bill to punish criticism of homosexuality with fine & jail term. Sneaked language into unrelated school "anti-bullying" bill. Apparently aimed at MassResistance.

Text of "Anti-Bullying" bill S2283. 3-10-2010

16 "anti-bullying" bills filed in the Mass. Legislature this session, later consolidated into one bill by Education Committee 3-10-2010

MassResistance helping fight passage of anti-bullying bill in New Jersey!

MassResistance working with Orthodox Jewish groups in New Jersey to stop pro-homosexual "anti-bullying" bill. Photos 1-23-2011

NJ Orthodox Jewish Group opposes "anti-bullying" bill S2392; Garden State Parents for Moral Values Press Release 1-11-2011

MassRisistance fought off previous years' attempts to pass MA law

“Anti-Bullying” bill passes Mass. Senate – with major modifications after MassResistance testimony & pressure. Photo 4-18-2008

Bills before Education Committee; Hearing on May 1. 4-27-2007

The "anti-bullying" agenda comes to Massachusetts - a front for more programs from the homosexual lobby. 4-27-2007.