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Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth

State-funded Masschusetts Commission is outgrowth of original Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth. Targets kids K-12 in the Massachusetts public schools, using its enormous taxpayer funding. Made up of some of the most aggressive homosexual and transgender activists in the state.

The odious "commission" and its activities against parents and children:

Politicians, corporations honor BAGLY director - cross-dresser who works with kids - as Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade. Photo 6-10-2010

BAGLY - part of tax-funded Mass GLBT Commission - luring kids to "gay youth film festival." Photo 2-19-2010

Mass. GLBT Youth Commission intimidates citizens and parents to prevent their attendance at "public" meetings 9-15-2009

Mass. tax-funded GLBT Youth Commission issues chilling report of its activities 3-5-2009

Radical homosexual & transgender handouts given to kids in Mass. schools. Your tax dollars at work. "Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Appreciation Day" at Newton North H.S. Photos of handouts. 3-2-2009

Taxpayer-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth sets goals for upcoming year. 12-18-2008

Mass. Department of Education continues handing out money to fund "gay clubs" in school districts across the state. 12-3-2008

Mass. Gay Youth Commission declares: “Homophobic parents are the problem.” Photos 3-27-2008

New members of Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Youth: Bios appear to be of politically radical & deeply disturbed individuals. Also: Commission outlines its 2008 assault on public schools

Newly created Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth meets. "I feel I saw the face of evil last night." Photos 3-19-2007

Homosexual lobby fundraiser for new "Commission on GLBT Youth." No longer under the Governor's control, announced Commission's new direction: pushing transgenderism. Photo report. 2-12-2007

Member of Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth arrested for soliciting oral sex from UMass students. Is also top lobbyist for State House lobbying group. Photos. 7-29-2006

Press Release: Article 8 / MassResistance calls for Gov. Romney to disband phony “Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth” and not cave in to homosexual lobby. (Romney had decided to disband Commission, then buckled to pressure and changed his mind, according to published newspaper and TV reports.) 5-12-2006

Framing the issue – How  the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools. Kevin Jennings’s 1995 speech explains deceptive calls for “safety” and “suicide prevention.” Updated 4-6-2010

MassResistance fighting in Mass. Legislature to stop Commission's funding:

MassResistance bill H145 to eliminate "Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth." Hearing on Nov. 17. Video 11-11-09

FY2011 state budget: Legislature votes to fund Mass. GLBT Youth Commission with $100,000 from federal Medicaid money. GLBT Youth Commission also gets access to millions in state tax money. Photo. Final vote. 7-13-2010

Homosexual lobby thwarted – Massachusetts Senate removes all earmarked funds for GLBT Commission in budget amendments 5-22-2009

Multi-billion dollar MA budget shortfall, but $850,000 for Commission on GLBT Youth still intact. Photo 3-5-2009

Mass Dept. of Public Health transfers funds to Mass. LGBT Commission - to make up for budget cuts to homosexual programs in schools. Photos 12-19-2008

Cave-in by pro-family reps: Massachusetts Legislature's 2007 budget includes new, independent "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" with expanded powers. We got the votes to uphold the governor's veto of it, but in sleazy "reconsideration" move several "pro-family" reps caved in to pressure and sold out your kids. Roll call vote. July 2006

Mass. Legislature's 2007 budget: funding homosexual programs targeting schoolchildren and expanded "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" June 2006