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"It Gets Better" Project

Legislators, Red Sox, celebrities support pro-GLBT propaganda campaign founded by "gay" pornographer

Phony 'anti-bullying' project by anti-Christian gay pornographer supported by politicians, corporations & Red Sox. "It Gets Better" project leads troubled kids to gay activist groups, homosexual-themed books and movies. Video 8-12-2011

Sick and obscene attacks, writings, and statements by Dan Savage, founder of "It Gets Better" project. Videos 8-12-2011

Boston Red Sox controversy & more

Unbelievable: Boston Red Sox manager, two players make video supporting vile pro-gay "It Gets Better" project targeting kids. Video 8-12-2011

Boston Red Sox to parents: If you hold traditional values on homosexuality and kids, you're a hater. The "It Gets Better" campaign. Video 9-2-11

Boston Herald refuses to cover outrageous "It Gets Better" controversy. 9-2-2011

"Old Navy" stores now selling "gay pride" shirts. Donating percentage of sales to radical homosexual group targeting kids (the “It Gets Better” campaign). Photos 5-31-2011