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Media Bias

Biased coverage and media blackouts

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children at Boston Children's Hospital on front page of Sunday edition. Photos. 12-12-2-11

What the media isn't telling you about the "Occupy Boston" protest: Communism, anarchism, pro-euthanasia, anti-Israel, & more. Photos & video 10-17-2011

Boston Herald refuses to cover outrageous "It Gets Better" controversy. 9-2-2011.

Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively, pro-family pastor and writer. Photos & video. Also,
MassResistance calls for pro-family "interview boycott" of Boston Globe and Springfield Republican newspapers. 1-12-2011

Boston Globe portrays homosexual Episcopal bishop V. Gene Robinson as crusader for progress. Photo 12-31-2010

Boston Globe pushes condoms in schools through phony "teen" initiative. Planned Parenthood sex agenda for teens. Photo. 11-30-2010

"Conservative" Boston Herald endorses pro-gay, anti-family liberals over pro-family candidates. 11-1-2010
Boston Globe starts media blitz promoting transgender bill. Photos 4-29-2010

Media ignores left-wing hate directed at Boston Tea Party & Sarah Palin. Photos & video 4-16-2010

Media campaign by special-interest groups supporting "anti-bullying" bills - in cooperation with liberal reporters & editors. Biased "news" articles planted in Globe, Herald, TV, radio. A lesson in media propaganda. 3-12-2010 (original 11-27-2009)

Boston Globe reacts to MassResistance-generated outrage over gay musical "Falsettos" at local high school. Commentary. Photo 12-7-2009

Media propaganda: Phony AP election day (in Maine, Wash. state)_news story on study normalizing same-sex "spouses". 11-5-2009 

Boston Herald caves in to loony "transgender" political correctness. Calls convicted wife-murderer now identifying as a woman "she." Photos 8-14-2009

Culture clash: Boston newspapers pushing false pronoun use in news story on transgender subway driver. Photo 7-24-2009

Boston Herald article on transgender subway driver sticks with political correctness. 7-21-2009

Boston Globe "gender" advice for 10-year-olds: Ignore outdated manners from traditional-minded teacher. 7-15-2009

Boston Children's Hospital operates clinic to change gender of prepubescent children– featured in Boston Globe. Dr. Norman Spack. Given powerful hormones to delay puberty, for body mutilation operations later. Photos. 4-18-2008

Boston Globe publishes glitzy review of homosexual pickup bar. 12-6-2007

Boston Globe celebrates homosexual school clubs persuading kids to "come out" as teenagers (and earlier). Comments by "gay" Concord-Carlisle teacher Peter Atlas. Photos. 11-12-2007

Local newspaper finally "gets it" – rebukes homosexual group for terrorizing restaurant, causing cancellation of David Parker speech. Gloucester Times. 9-28-2007

Boston Globe publishes Easter Sunday feature on females having breasts removed and growing beards -- to become men. Globe headline: "When She Graduates as He: There's a battle brewing at the Seven Sisters over the growing population of transgender students. The question at its core: What kind of women's college awards diplomas to men?" Photos. April 2007

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall Violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. Mainstream media refuses to report on this, ignoring State House press conference: Article 8 Alliance Rally & Press Conference at State House: Announcing “Bill of Address” to Remove “Gay Marriage” Judges. 4-22-2004