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In your face: Macy's Department Store in downtown Boston has prominent display window for "Gay Pride Week.'

Taken down after one business day -- after MassResistance pressure!

June 6, 2006

Here's what it originally looked like when we strolled by . . .

Main door of Macy's Department Store in downtown Boston. Note the display
window at bottom left.

View of the display window from the street, clearly and blatantly celebrating
"gay pride week" with two homosexual men.

One business day later: YOUR pressure worked! Gay activists around the country were livid, tho!

Very bizarre. One mannequin is wearing what looks like some
of rainbow skirt. And when was the last time you saw male store
mannequins with breasts like those? What's that all about?

Here are what all the other mannequins in Macy's look like:

Hmm. We couldn't find any like the ones in the window. . .