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Day of Silence in Massachusetts, April 25, 2007 . . .

The propaganda machine continues -- here's a sample of what was given to children in high schools, and posters on the walls.

While the Day of Defiance was going on outside to protest the "Day of Silence", here's a little of what the kids were getting inside.

The handouts below were given out at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts. The four posters at the bottom which were on the walls at Lexington High School. The techniques used to normalize homosexual behavior in students' minds and portray the homosexual movement as similar to the Civil Rights movement -- using terms like prejudice, harassment, and discrimination -- are extremely disturbing.


Card given to kids to pass out to teachers and other students to explain why they're being silent. (At right and below.)

Handouts given to kids throughout the day (Adobe Acrobat format):
Handout 1

"Am I Blue?" A xeroxed short story about teenaged boys, homosexuality and "coming out."


"Gay Lesbian Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Support Project" - A variety of government and private agencies that pair homosexual "counselors" with kids to "support" them in their transition toward these various behaviors. Note that parents aren't mentioned at all in the flyer.


"Helpful Info" for kids - A page of "resources", hotlines, websites, and books for children exploring homosexuality, including "bisexuality-specific resources".


Ten Things Educators Can Do. . . A how-to list for homosexual activist teachers to push the homosexual agenda in school. This includes in-class techniques and school-wide strategies.


What Students Can Do to Make Schools Safe for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered People . . . A list of things a student can do to push homosexuality in the school. Divided into "Low Risk", "Some Risk", and "Greater Risk" activities.



"Anti-Gay Bullying" Card given to kids to pass out. Uses emotional bullying issue to push gay agenda. The "reasons" (below) are largely phony or taken out of context - a common strategy.

LGBT Safe Zone poster. This would be laughable if it weren't so deadly serious. Meant to put a climate of fear on anyone who is uncomfortable with homosexual behavior. Click here for PDF version.

These four posters were on the wall at Lexington High School (we didn't get any of the handouts, unfortunately.)

And as usual, as far as we know any literature and posters critical of the homosexual agenda were not allowed.


Of course, they got a lot of help with this from the national homosexual movement. Here's one of the resources:  


"Day of Silence" Organizing Manual, published by national homosexual activist group Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN)