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Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth declares “homophobic parents are the problem”.  More money needed, they say.

Latest project: taxpayer-funded “gay-friendly” group homes for teenagers.

Springfield, MA - Posted: March 27, 2008

At its March 17 meeting at Springfield Central High School, the taxpayer-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth announced its conclusion that “homophobic parents” are the “number one risk factor” and the “biggest problem” hindering their efforts to help “depressed LGBT youths”. 

This was the Commission's first public meeting since their Dec. 17 meeting at a Brockton hotel.

Springfield Central High School. Where else would a group of homosexual adults meet?

Although the public part of the meeting started at 6:30 pm, the Commission members had been meeting privately with students throughout the afternoon. As we’ve reported in the past, the Commission members include adults of various sexual proclivities, including men dressing as women, and a female with a beard and sideburns posing as a man.  Parents and others were not allowed to be present during the afternoon sessions with kids – but other GLBT activists and a reporter from the hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows was allowed to attend.

Commission members greet each other at start of meeting. Person at right (Gunner Scott) with goatee is a female! At left is new Commission member, a male-to-female transsexual (see photo below).


Since citizens were barred from taking photos, we're reprinting this from the homosexual newpaper Bay Windows, which was allowed to take pictures at will. Democracy at work.


New Commission member: “Male-to-female” transsexual Rhiannon O’Donnabhain is suing the IRS in tax court for refusing his attempt to deduct his sex-change medical costs. GLAD is representing him. O’Donnabhain has just become a Commissioner on the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. (Photo: Josh Reynolds, AP)
Washington Post article

In addition, guests and “known” attendees were given up-front seating at the meeting and anyone else was forced to sit much farther away. A police officer guarded the door and parents were told they could not take any pictures, although the homosexual newspaper was allowed to take photos.

A police officer guards the room, presumably to "protect" the gay commission from parents.

It was a busy evenng. Major topics discussed during the “public” portion of the meeting were:

  1. Homophobic parents are their biggest problem. One solution: their newest project is to provide taxpayer-funded homosexual-friendly homes for “gay” kids to live at, and persuading them to leave their parents' homes.

  2. State funding they're seeking from the legislature in upcoming 2009 budget.

  3. Plans and strategies for lobbying the legislature over the next several weeks, to get the funding they seek at a time of tight budgets.

  4. Pro-homosexual “training” sessions for teachers in schools.

The meeting started off with report from a transsexual girl (“expressing” herself as a boy) who spoke out against school programs such as “zero tolerance” and JROTC, describing them as not pro-homosexual enough. She also said that parents should have not have the right to intervene in homosexual programs. After that, they got down to business.

The problem (homophobic parents) and the solution

Members of the Commission described how “homophobic parents” is the number one risk factor and biggest problem causing “depressed LGBT youths, which leads to drug use, pregnancy, and even suicide, they said.  Parents are “the cause of the problems” and all kinds of statistics were read about the problems of “gay” youth – although the sources of these statistics was not mentioned. (We suspect that, as usual, most of these statistics are unsupportable or just plain phony, and they must be challenged.)

Their solution is – in addition to more homosexual programs in the school – to fund pro-homosexual houses (referred to as “shelters”) where kids (“LGBT problem youth”) would be persuaded to leave their parents and live. These shelters would be run by homosexual activists, all paid for by public money and run by the Commission.

Thus, the efforts of adult activists to persuade troubled kids to leave their parents has spawned a new funding vehicle – LGBT youth homelessness – for which they are claiming they need money.  They have already started collecting emotional “testimony” from troubled kids with homophobic parents to use when lobbying.

The Commission’s immediate proposal is the get $400,000 from the Legislature for a “pilot program” shelter, and then expand from there.

Funding target from the legislature for upcoming 2009 budget.

As we’ve recently reported, the stated goal of the homosexual lobby is to get an exorbitant $2.9 million from the Legislature to give to the Commission for their various homosexual “youth” programs.

They described this as their unwavering goal between now and the April 16 budget deadline. Realistically, that would be very difficult. We suspect that their true goal is to make sure they get at least a big part of that, by publicly aiming unreasonably high. (From our stand point, the truth is that this hideous Commission should get nothing, and should be disbanded.)

Plans and strategies for lobbying the Legislature

They spent a lot of time outlining their strategies for getting as much money as possible from the Legislature in the upcoming budget.

From their discussion, the Commission's lobbying strategies appear to be: 

  1. Aim very high, ask for a lot of money and justify it.

  2. Enlist the help of professional homosexual lobbying groups such as MassEquality and the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (see photo of MGLPC lobbyist Bill Conley at meeting) to lobby and also organize around the state.

  3. Meet personally with the members of the Ways and Means Committee as much as possible.

  4. Emphasize “violence” and “homelessness” against “gay” youth as huge emergencies that the Legislature would be cruel not to address. 

  5. Present reams of (probably phony or exaggerated) statistics and studies to back up their assertions. For example, “92% of kids hear words ‘fag’ and ‘dyke’ in school”. In addition, the “environment” – i.e., parents and schools – are causing these problems. Since gay kids are “born” that way, there is no other way out for them.  Particularly, show a big “gap” between homosexual kids and other kids.

  6. Bring in kids to present well-rehearsed emotional and heartbreaking stories to legislators.

A "special guest" at the Commission meeting at Springfield Central High was head lobbyist for the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, Bill Conley - who was arrested in 2006 for soliciting sex from a college student.

Intimidation and pro-homosexual “training” for teachers.

They Commission briefly outlined upcoming “training” sessions for both teachers and activists to enforce the homosexual agenda in schools. These sessions, coming up May 19 and July 21 at undisclosed locations, are closed to the public, they said.

The Commission also discussed their ongoing campaign of intimidation against teachers who express any traditional point of view in the school setting, or who are not proactively pro-homosexual.  They routinely confront such staff members, and the Commission has begun to send threatening letters to offending School Committees and Superintendents.

The commission had one student describe how his “gay-straight alliance” club does it. “We have a little homo posse, and we stick up for each other,” he said at the meeting, as quoted in Bay Windows. Apparently they get groups of people confront anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

As one parent wondered after the meeting, “Why are they so afraid the public will see what they’re doing?”   It’s certainly hard to believe that this is a public body funded by taxpayer dollars.