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Brave new world: New Kindergarten-Grade 5 curriculum in David Parker's Lexington school to include transgenderism as "diversity".

"Gender identity" for 6-year-olds. And that's just the beginning.

Posted: April 11, 2008

Children in the Lexington elementary schools, where David Parker's children attend, will begin learning about transgenderism - termed "gender identity" - as a part of their diversity training starting next year, according to a PowerPoint presentation from the committee creating the curriculum. Even children in Kindergarten will be part of it.

Here is the letter that the superintendent sent out describing this process.

The slide show - roadmap to a horror show

The "diversity committee" recently released a PowerPoint slide show presentation of where they are headed, their goals, etc. Below we're reprinted the slide show (link to PDF version of slide show ) which was recently posted on the Lexington schools website.

Note that the "diversity" curriculum is limited to the elementary school. There seems to be a separate "education wellness" curriculum that is only marginally related.

We have not been able to find a "Massachusetts Health & Wellness Curriculum Framework" on the Mass. DOE website. We assume they are referring to the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework, which is very radical but not mandatory. Nor have we been able to locate a "National Standards on Civil Rights" document at all.

This is basically a lot of jargon to "explain" the process. More on this below.

We haven't been able to find out just who is on this "Windows & Mirrors" Subcommittee. But it's sure to be interesting. But you can bet it doesn't include any pro-family people. These committees are always very specially selected.

This is very dangerous and upsetting. They have extended the definition of "diversity" to include the latest politically correct classes, including homosexuality ("sexual orientation") and transgenderism ("gender identity"). Who ever thought that elementary school kids would ever have to have this kind of thing thrown at them? There is great power if you can change the meaning of common words.

These next two slides are  -- to be blunt -- basically just politically-correct blather.

Cleverly mixing civil rights with "contemporary families" (i.e., homosexual couples), and "diversity of our town" (non-traditional families).  Note the use of "Open Circle" -- a radical pro-homosexual diversity company  based in Wellesley that specializes in pushing the left-wing diversity agenda to elementary school-aged children.

Starting right in Kindergarten with homosexual books.

Code words: Families, "Circle of Caring", and of course "stereotypes" -- all can be used to break down traditional values in kids' minds.

Here's where they mix the Holocaust and Civil Rights movement with the homosexual movement. Very devious and dishonest.

These "next steps" are all too familiar. We've seen it all before. On the surface, it looks like an open process. But in fact, all these groups and their actual input are carefully controlled so that no serious challenges to the plan are allowed to happen. Any changes that might happen will only come from those on the inside who have already bought into the radical diversity agenda. School officials are absolute experts at this kind of "process".