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Your tax money at work: See disturbing “youth pride” video of how homosexual activists running “gay” school clubs brainwash teenagers.

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May 29, 2008

As we’ve been reporting, the taxpayer-supported “Youth Pride Day” in downtown Boston on May 10 was every parent’s nightmare.

If you want to see the tax-funded social and political brainwashing that the homosexual movement does when they get your kids, this is what they were doing in broad daylight. Imagine what they do when the doors are closed.

Scenes from tax-supported Youth Pride Day
(20 minutes)

The homosexual movement and your kids.

On "Youth Pride Day", May 10, 2008, Middle school and high school kids were brought downtown where they with bizarre adults listened to speeches and harangues from radical homosexual activists, were given bigoted anti-Catholic / anti-Christian literature, incited to attack “enemies” in the crowd including photographers, marched in a “gay” parade, and attended a “transgender prom” at night.

It was organized by the taxpayer-funded “Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth”, through the taxpayer-funded “gay-straight alliance” clubs at the various high schools and middle schools.

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Homosexual "Youth Pride Day" includes hardcore "gay" anti-religious propaganda.

Homosexual activists incite kids to block, harrass, assault photographers at gay "youth pride" day

Hardcord activist Mark Snyder - given special award on Youth Pride Day 2008