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MA House dragging feet on vote on "1913 Law" repeal. Calls and emails are 6-1 in favor of "no".

But homosexual lobby putting on pressure!

July 25, 2008

Leaders of the Massachusetts House of Representatives still haven't decided when - and if - they intend to vote on the repeal of the "1913 Law", despite widespread media reports that the vote would take place before the end of last week. All week the House Speaker's office has told MassResistance that they still haven't decided. It was put on Thursday's schedule to be voted on, but then mysteriously taken off. The legislative session ends July 31, so they must vote by then or else start again next year.

Just over a week ago the homosexual lobby was bragging to the press that the repeal of the "1913 Law" (which would allow out-of-state "gay marriages" in Mass.) will sail through the House with ease. And the Boston press was reporting that it would be voted on early last week. And a columnist said that the "gay marriage" issue was over.

But after last Tuesday's disgraceful and cowardly voice vote by the Senate (so that members could avoid going on record) the public outcry has really been enflamed. Despite the efforts of the homosexual lobby engage their grassroots supporters on this issue, we've been told by one rep's office that the calls and emails into the State House have been 6-1 from against the repeal.

This is not trivial. Repealing the "1913 law" essentially destabilizes marriage laws both in Massachusetts and around the county. The current law prohibits out-of-state couples from marrying in Massachusetts if that marriage would be illegal in their home state. Repealing it has been a top priority of the homosexual lobby in order to purposefully spread legal havoc in other states over homosexual "marriage". (Here's the language of the repeal bill - S800.) As we've reported, national gay groups have poured in money for this, and they've hired "the best lobbyists in the State House" to get it done.

Despite huge pressure from the homosexual lobby, more and more House members are becoming uncomfortable with this and are reportedly complaining to the leadership. Also, a quite a few of House members have contested elections this November, while in the Senate, only two incumbents have challengers. And we've promised to make their votes very public. And at least one Rep has said that he will demand a roll call vote if they try a voice vote.

As you can see from Tuesday's Boston Herald . . .

Pols mad DiMasi is forcing vote on gay marriage bill
By Hillary Chabot
Boston Herald, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disgruntled Democratic lawmakers facing tough challengers in the fall elections are lashing out at House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi for forcing a vote on a hot-button bill to allow out-of-state gay couples to wed in Massachusetts.

"He has no concern for the members," said one legislator, who requested anonymity. "This is stuff we should be dealing with in the first year (of the session). It's a lose-lose for anyone facing a challenger."

. . . Even pols who support the repeal of the 1913 ban on out-of-state residents from marrying here are concerned about the political timing, which renews the roiling gay marriage debate and provides opponents with fresh fodder only months before voters decide who to send to Beacon Hill. .

Read entire article here

Pro-family pressure

Last Thursday, July 17, we sent people to personally visit every House office at the State House. They sat down with staff members and made them read our handouts (links below) explaining the facts about this issue. They got both good and bad responses. Some were very supportive, some quite hostile. But we got the message across.

Here are the MassResistance handouts given to the state reps last week (and read to their staffs):

1913 Law handout #1

1913 Law handout #2

Some reps, like Rep. Paul Donato (D-Medford) are clearly uncomfortable. Donato was a solid pro-family guy for years, but he's started to buckle under to pressure from the homosexual lobby. Earlier this year Donato told us that he now supports homosexual programs in the schools --  after just months before being a co-sponsor of our Parents' Rights Bill! When our people came to his office, his staff ushered them out and wouldn't look at our materials. So he's not a happy camper about voting on this.

Homosexual lobby continuing campaign of lies and propaganda

They are claiming that the 1913 law was "rooted in racial bigotry" and therefore anyone who doesn't agree with the homosexual lobby will be labeled an anti-black bigot. There's absolutely no proof of that - it's an absurd conjecture by the homosexual lobby and its supporters.

They are also claiming there will be a major economic windfall to the state from hordes of homosexuals coming here as tourists to "marry." And thus, being against this means you're against economic prosperity! What they don't tell you is that came from a "study" by a well-known pro-homosexual research group that's received money from Tim Gill, the famous "gay" millionaire. (Or that lots of people would be avoiding Massachusetts - therefore a loss of tourist revenues.)

The homosexual lobby has invested a great deal of money and energy into passing this bill. As you know, for the last two years we got it stopped in committee. But they got it pulled out for the last few weeks of the session. The media is on board. It's just public pressure that will stop it now!


These reps must hear from everyone on this. We've set up a way you can send emails and (if you have Massachusetts address) even faxes to members of the House. They NEED to hear from you. Don't let them cause havoc in Massachusetts and around the country for the sake of a tiny special-interest group.

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And watch the MassResistance web site for the latest news on the vote!