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Massachusetts now allows people to declare "gender you consider yourself to be" on drivers licenses and official state IDs 

Huge implications in society

January 28, 2009   UPDATED: April 8, 2010

The madness continues: The "transgender agenda" moves forward. Massachusetts has taken the extremely radical step of allowing a person's actual sex to be replaced with "the gender that the individual considers himself or herself to be" on official drivers' licenses and other state-issued identity cards! 

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Enormous implications for society

This behavior is officially classified as a mental illness by the mental health profession. Moreover, it will enable all kinds of fraud and abuse by sexually disoriented people. (See Article #4 below.)

The State of Massachusetts, through its power to issue official identification cards, is mandating the approval and acceptance of this behavior -- cross-dressing and transgenderism -- in the larger society. It will extend to businesses, health clubs, schools, government, and beyond.

This change has huge implications for society. Essentially, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided that for legal purposes of identification, a person's actual sex is meaningless. The gender "you consider yourself to be" is now officially used. This is madness. But it's now the state policy.

A man using a women's restroom or women's locker room could now show police a legal, official Massachusetts identification that he "is a woman". He could get this on the basis of "the gender he considers himself to be" with the agreement of a "medical provider". A male elementary school teacher can start coming to school wearing women's clothes and using the girls' rest rooms or locker rooms. Likewise, women wanting to be men may insist on using mens' restrooms and locker rooms. And this can extend throughout society, in businesses, public accommodations, schools, and everywhere else.

Law enforcement and security issues. Suppose a six-foot man gets stopped by a state trooper and produces a drivers license saying he's a female named "Sally"?

Medical issues. What about medical treatment affects males and females differently? Suppose a man with a female-sex picture ID is in an accident? Is there a possibility of medical malpractice?

This is just the latest step of the radical homosexual movement. This is clearly a prelude to the more far-reaching "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill (h1728) now before the Legislature. [See our report here.]

Legislators asking for answers

At the urging of the public, a few legislators are starting to ask for some answers.

On February 11, Rep. Lew Evangelidis (R-Holden) and Rep. Karyn Polito (R-Shrewsbury) wrote a letter to Kaprielian asking for "background information regarding this policy." The following day Sen. Stephen Brewer (D-Barre) wrote a letter asking "how this decision was made." We've also been informed that Rep. Jeffrey Perry (R-Sandwich) has contacted the RMV on this matter, and that Rep. Elizabeth Poirier (R-North Attleborough) has indicated that she would contact them.  But so far, to our knowledge the RMV has not provided any substantial information to any of these legislators.

Unfortunately, it will likely take a show of force from the general public to make anything happen.

The public must not stand for this

This must be confronted by good people.  We don't anticipate the Legislature standing up to this any time soon without a flood of public outrage to get them moving. It's up to us to stand up to this insanity. Something needs to happen soon. At the very least, a public hearing on this matter MUST take place.


Don't just stand still while your government does these hideous things.

LET THEM KNOW how you feel about this!

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Gov. Deval Patrick:
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This fight is becoming more and more serious as our government sinks to further depths of madness on these issues.